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2020 A+D Architects: Creating Sustainable and Livable Communities Through Unique Architecture

Collaboration is the cornerstone of any architectural project, and this is how 2020 A+D aims to provide solutions to their clients’ needs.


Headed by Ar. Paulo and Ar. Janina, they established 2020 Architecture+Design back in 2015 on the belief that a vision with good design intention creates a perfect interpretation of a better world through a proactive solution.

For them, architecture is more than just a profession and a college degree. Dedicated to enhancing human living, they find its role in our lives more essential than we might think.

This belief guides them in their goal of attaining a clear vision of what the client plans to have through their Design-Build strategy. With it, projects yield expedited timelines which result in cost-efficient project completion.

Moreover, this reduces the chances of miscommunication between planning, designing, and construction—nothing is compromised. After all, design in collaboration with construction is the sensible route for any professional to go for.

Their team is driven by exemplifying five key principles in Proactiveness, Quality, Communication, Professionalism, and Common Sense to guide them in their building process. Their aim as a company is to create valuable and inspiring architecture going beyond just aesthetics as they entwine the history, culture, and integration of the natural environment with their projects.

This is their stake in shaping the future of the world by creating sustainable and livable communities and structures with their own unique style of architecture.

Notable Projects

Two of their notable projects that present this vision are the Cornelius Residence and the Vistalaya Farm and Cabins Resort.

1. Cornelius Residence (Plaridel, Bulacan)

Like all the projects of 2020 A+D, The Cornelius Residence tells a story about its owners and their day-to-day journey.

It’s a two-story, six-bedroom home situated on three combined lots in Plaridel Bulacan. It boasts a three-car garage and an entertainment lounge ready to be filled by lounging homeowners or visiting guests.

The key to developing this project is based on knowing the client’s lifestyle, and what they’re driven by, and transforming these emotions into a reality. The design consists of three major elements.

Stone, together with concrete, represents firm architecture and its integrity. To complement this, a series of full-length glasses serve as a means of observing beauty in endless variations. Vertical wood slats are incorporated to create a cohesive design aesthetic, completing the structure's overall character.

One of the key features of this project is its flexibility through open-space planning. Proper utilization and integration of spaces correlating to one another create a better flow and functionality within the structure.

This is why private and public areas both have easy access to natural sunlight to conserve energy and improve airflow.

2. Vistalaya Farm and Cabins Resort (San Fernando, Pampanga)

Their second project is a lot about portraying their client’s way of life and way of living. The Vistalaya Farm and Cabins Resort is a private farm resort situated at San Fernando, Pampanga. This client’s profession as a contractor leaves them with plenty of excess building materials.

This became one of the key considerations in making use of these logistical blessings in the most efficient manner. For this reason, the client thought of creating a resort and dedicating it to their beloved family.

The challenge was to design a modern farm without removing the trees within the site. The team designed the cabins that would stay in harmony with their natural surroundings, adapting its shape to the environment.

The use of wood keeps it grounded and complementary to the organic pieces outdoors while the use of glass brings the existing into focus.

The site contains two sets of pools – one for kids and one for adults - and three sleeping villas with a loft for the client’s family. All interiors were designed to look more like a wooden cabin, giving its users the tranquil feeling of being in a forest, yet safe and sound in the comfort of their respective rooms.

Communication is a vital component of any project’s success. This is where many architectural firms find the value of honing their skill of accepting and negotiating the needs of their clients for A+D Architects, they aim to drive the conversation toward bonding the client’s and their firm’s vision while balancing the structure’s logistical and environmental impact.

"In terms of making an efficient building process, it all comes down to having an efficient design process as well. As open-minded professionals, we always make it a habit of being a good listener, while giving sound and prudent judgment on practical matters - giving our clients effective design solutions.”

- Ar. Paulo

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