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AI-powered, Blood-donation Room Monitoring Project Wins the 2023 iTwin4Good Challenge

AI-powered, Blood-donation Room Monitoring Project Wins the 2023 Enactus Brazil and Bentley Systems iTwin4Good Challenge

Enactus Brazil and Bentley Systems iTwin4Good Challenge Winner
Enactus Brazil and Bentley Systems iTwin4Good Challenge Champion

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, a leading infrastructure engineering software company, and Enactus Brazil, a global nonprofit organization, have jointly revealed the recipients of the 2023 iTwin4Good Challenge. This competition encourages students to blend their software development expertise with a commitment to social impact, addressing local challenges through digital twin technology. The coveted prize went to the team "All In" from the Federal Institute of Espírito Santo Vitória, recognized for their outstanding AI Blood Donation Room Monitoring Project. The adept team members include Lucas Pessanha, Deivid Braian, and Luiz Felipe Muniz.

The iTwin app developed by "All In" leverages the capabilities of smart cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor various aspects of the blood donation process. This innovative application not only keeps track of room occupancy but also assesses product demands and manages stock levels seamlessly. Currently operational in a blood donation center, the app integrates seamlessly with an external API, providing instant access to real-time data regarding blood type demands. This functionality allows for prioritizing specific donors based on the urgent need for their particular blood type.

During the live demonstration at the competition, the project team showcased the app's dynamic capabilities in monitoring and displaying real-time changes in room occupancy. Moreover, they highlighted the app's adaptive nature, demonstrating how it adjusts the queue order to align with the shifting requirements for specific blood types.

The iTwin4Good Challenge series, a collaborative initiative by Enactus and Bentley Systems, serves as a platform for students to tackle UN Sustainable Development Goals, including affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action. Participants utilize the iTwin Platform, Bentley's digital twin technology for infrastructure, to address these global challenges. In the Brazil competition, teams composed of three students, representing 36 universities, engaged in projects showcasing their creativity, problem-solving skills, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and technical proficiency.

To further spotlight these exceptional student projects, Enactus and Bentley Systems have slated the iTwin World Cup for April 2024 at London's ExCel, coinciding with the Enactus National Expo. During this global showcase, "All In" will compete against the victor of the Enactus U.K. iTwin4Good Challenge, scheduled for March 2024. This event promises to be a prestigious platform where these innovative projects will be celebrated on an international stage.

Chris Bradshaw, Chief Sustainability Officer at Bentley Systems, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Enactus, emphasizing the empowerment of university students to delve into infrastructure engineering solutions and digital twin technology while addressing societal challenges. Bradshaw commented, “We are excited to partner with Enactus in empowering university students to learn more about infrastructure engineering solutions and digital twin technology, while solving issues that affect our society. I congratulate the All In team for its amazing project. By helping hospitals know what blood types are needed and when, the app could help save lives. We are also excited to establish the iTwin World Cup and look forward to seeing the inspired projects developed by U.K. students in March. I wish all the participants much success in their projects.”

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