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RSugapong Architecture + Design Studio reaches for the stars

Fueled by casual bravado right after college,

Architect Roald Miklos Sugapong needed

a vessel for his overflow of creative ideas.

That’s how RSugapong Architecture + Design

Studio was born.

Fresh out of graduation, Ar. Roald’s started working for top design firms in the country. His humble grind lasted for about 3 years, designing alongside a supportive senior team who showed him the ropes and trained him for excellence. The young architect admits that he owes these firms a lot and that they paved the way for him to find wonderful opportunities. “I owe them a lot for feeding my knowledge that molds me into what I am today,” he shares. During these formative years, he knew he needed to expand his expertise and knowledge so he could eventually cement his own identity in the design world. He got interested in smaller details of the project like making modular kitchen cabinets and closets. Later on, he was able to work for a prime modular cabinet manufacturer in the Philippines. He even worked in a steel detailing company, which seems out of his field of expertise as it is an engineering line, but knew full well that it would help him to grow his profession. Fast forward <year>, he finally got his own small modular cabinet manufacturing company!

After almost seven years of jumping from one firm to another, he took the Architecture Board Examination and passed it on the first try. This was no ordinary feat for him because he recalled that he did not even get the chance to take review classes due to lack of finances (he was then supporting his wife and his 3-year-old daughter). He reviewed on his own and juggled it with his full time work. He considers passing the exam under these circumstances as one of the greatest milestones in his career.

“We are working hard and fueled by our passion. We just simply do what we love, and being on top is just a bonus!”

Setting up his own design studio and starting his own adventure isn’t always a walk in the park. But he has the skills for it and the confidence that he’ll come out of every difficult situation stronger. “I believe that God has given me such talent and I have a calling to pursue my career by having my own firm” he adds. Ar. Roald started with small projects (like interior fit-outs, small residential project renovations) but eventually met a Filipino celebrity that opened more opportunities for him in the mainstream. This catapulted his career because after that, he started designing and building more complex projects for other celebrities and high-profile personalities.

Sharing his humble beginnings to all aspiring Architects and colleagues has always been in his heart. His confidence in God, his God-given talents, and humility continue to cement his place on high ground. “Do not be scared or hesitate if you love and enjoy what you are doing. Believe in yourself because you are your first fan. If the opportunity comes your way, make sure you keep your feet on the ground and stay humble!” Ar. Roald quips.

He also acknowledges his muses in his career–his parents, siblings, wife, daughters, and friends who continue to cheer for and support him to date. He also adds, “we should put God first because He is always there to help us.”

When asked what their secret to their success is, Ar. Roald is quick to answer, “we are working hard and fueled by our passion. We just simply do what we love, and being on top is just a bonus!” D+C



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RSugapong Architecture + Design Studio

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