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AESTUDIO Architectural Design: The Right Balance Between Adaptability, Innovation, and Experience

The Founders

AESTUDIO Architectural Design is a private company that is no rookie when it comes to handling projects of different sizes. They have gone on to do residential, resorts, and commercial interiors by serving several architectural design services for both local and international areas.

Headed by Ar. James and Ar. Kamille, both graduates of the Bulacan State University, AESTUDIO was built once the two found the confidence and experience of working in their own specializations.

The Core Values

In 2018, the two built AESTUDIO with the intention of reassessing Architecture, not just in designing spaces or putting up a wall and roof to protect its user; instead, they aligned their design principles in creating an experience.

This is the core value and inspiration when they work with a client. For this reason, their design methodology is attributed to studying and analyzing not just the structural demands of the project, but also the collaborative aspect of getting to know their client.

The Projects: Modern Asian Industrial Home in Plaridel, Bulacan

Their notable projects are homes designed not just as a client’s abode, but also as a response to the demands of the pandemic. One of the projects that exemplify this is an ongoing build of a Modern Asian Industrial home situated at a 1065 sqm lot area in Plaridel, Bulacan.

It’s equipped with large window openings to allow light and air inside the building with ease, which complements a dedicated partition in the interior to help the air circulate freely. Additionally, its outdoor swimming pool and lanai are aesthetic additions to make the client embrace the feel of being in the resort while in the comfort of their own home.

Now that we are in a pandemic; the adapting stage to the new normal requires architects to consider the architecture and design of the building. In studying and knowing the needs of their client, AESTUDIO presented a house design balancing indoor and outdoor connections. This makes the structure invite lesser virus exposure with its open spaces and high ceilings.

At any time there is a need to get fresh air, this swimming pool and lanai is a good place for the development of physical, mental, and spiritual health, family gathering, or even simple activities like reading and writing.

Simply having these spaces dedicated to the client’s hobbies is an excellent solution to present the value of quality architecture in positively affecting a person’s lifestyle and well-being.

“It's very crucial and challenging to create architectural design solutions addressing new strategies. On the other hand, it’s the utmost significant thing that will constantly benefit both the users and the environment.” - Ar. Kamille C. Santiago

The Projects: Modern Contemporary House in Malolos, Bulacan

Another project that exemplifies AESTUDIO’s innovative response to client needs is a Two-storey Modern Contemporary House house in Madera Grove, Malolos, Bulacan. This building is built with the core values of being a traditional family, a place for a home.

With over 312 sqm floor area and lot area of 267 sqm in Madera Grove Estate, one of the most difficult challenges in completing this task is the planning stage.

Like any meticulous group of artists, planning is crucial to determine which spaces will function for a specific purpose for the house owners. It’s important to make sure these spaces can easily bring each family member together in a communal area; similar to the Filipino home’s reinforcement of individuality and group engagement as a social unit.

The design of this house encourages its users to see each other from time to time, which was designed with open planning concept as the core of addressing this need. With delicate ornaments and fixtures complementing the wood, stone, and glass motif of the home, the optimized spaces allow the owners to always stay in touch, whether they move to the kitchen, dining room area, or living room lounge.

Additionally, its masterfully lighted interiors make the shared spaces entirely their own while still being a part of a greater whole. In any generation, innovation is a trend that business owners and artists in their craft need to develop.

This is why Ar. James and Kamille have used these trends to guide them in developing the best they can offer to their clients.

“As an Architect and designer, innovation is always part of crafting design solutions

like; choosing new materials, different architectural details and construction methodology being implemented that contribute to the distinctive character of the building. At the same time opportunity to contribute in modern times to make an impact to the life of the people and the environment.”

- Ar. James Bryan S. Santiago



AESTUDIO Architectural Design

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