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American Standard Design Catalyst L!VE: Design Thinking Meets Urbanization

February 14, Bangkok, Thailand - On February 14, 2023, the second season of the American Standard Design Catalyst L!VE was held in Bangkok, Thailand. The event featured different keynote speakers sharing their expertise in innovating and navigating designs for future communities, cities, and global economies.

With the theme, "Design Thinking Meets Urbanization," this forum focuses on three different sections: Health, Wellness & Beyond; Circular & Sustainable Living; and Intelligent Spaces.

The aim of the first section concerning Health, Wellness, & Beyond is to present how we can use design for a solution for better health and well-being, primarily physical and mental health, and eventually go beyond that.

Corey Jenkins discussed colors. "How color inspires, impacts, and improves well-being in a rapidly urbanizing planet." He emphasized that color will always be a part of our lives and is an impactful tool of communication that improves human mood. Thus, color is now also infused in our designs today.

The second speaker of this section, Le Truong, gave us the four core inspirations for design; Love, Culture, Human, Nature & Civilization.

Love is everything. It is caring for our environment to keep our surroundings clean. Culture is the way we interact. It brings us closer together and keeps us connected from our space. Humans are inspired to interact based on principles. Lastly, how challenging Nature & Civilization are. They are so connected yet opposite simultaneously. The key to making them work together is to have a balance within them, harmony, just like yin and yang.

The second section, Circular & Sustainable Living, discusses innovative ways to create more sustainable environments and promote circular living. Also, how responsible architecture is not only limited to residential projects but also to commercial designs, just how Yanuar PF talked about the Bobobox Experience.

Furthermore, Martin Aerene shared how a design can help a person's physical well-being and tackle how efficient indoor living could help immensely in promoting mental health.

The last speaker for this section, Cathy Saldaña, a fellow Filipino, discussed how sustainability could be done by thinking about the people, the community, and the inhabitants.

Sustainability and responsible architecture are now within our reach because of research and a more open discussion about energy conservation. Saldana also incorporated the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how one community and industry should focus on Goals 6,7,9,11, & 12. Ending her talk with the phrase, "the Purpose of Design is People."

The last section is about Intelligent Spaces. Here, Melissa Leung emphasized, "Designed by the People for the People." Highlighting the points of "Identification, interrogation, & invention," "Design-driven solutions," "Integrated intelligence," "Empowering communities," "Sensory architecture," and "Future visioning." Also, she discussed how the next generation of designers could reinvent the design process with more modern and technologically-advanced methods.

This section presented how we can use technologies and more thoughtful design to live in a better environment more efficiently.

The next speaker, Thomas Meier, discussed the Role of Technology in the Wellness and Health Industry. He presented how their mission is “to design buildings and communities that adapt upon the world around us”. Also, the evolving trends of Digital Healthcare and how future tech, particularly Artificial Intelligence, could help design better wellness and health facilities.

American Standard is a platform for dialogue and conversation for architects, designers, and developers.

LIXIL Global design comprises 120+ in-house designers, has eight in-house studios worldwide and has 550+ International design awards. A unique and diverse team to monitor trends in urbanization, health & well-being, and environment.

Watch the recording of the American Standard Design Catalyst L!VE here:


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