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American Standard Unveils New Brand Identity In Bangkok, Thailand: Life. Love. Home.

American Standard unveiled their new brand identity in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand, on February 15, 2023, with over 200 guests of architects, designers, media, and retail partners across the region.

American Standard
Photo Credit: American Standard

The Brand Launch showcased different exhibits that explain who they are, what they do, and how they influence their consumers' daily lives. Promoting a human-centric approach and inclusivity by catering to every need of the members of the family, from children, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between.

Photo Credit: American Standard

The new brand unveiling shows a different aesthetic, mainly focused on minimalist, clean, sleek, and calm designs, aspiring to make consumers fall in love with their homes. American Standard takes pride in innovating design and technology to help their customers create a home they w love every day. Through this change, they bridge the consumer's experience of hygiene, convenience, and safety to a whole new level.

Photo Credit: American Standard

Following their brand values, Inviting, Dependable, and Pioneering are symbolized by their signature elements, Pillow, Taper, and Frame, respectively. These elements showcase how gentle their products are, alongside their sturdiness, stability, and reliability. All these are achieved through their user-centric and insights-based approach to innovation.

Photo Credit: American Standard, Antoine Besseyre Des Horts, Leader, Global Design Asia Lixil

"LIXIL is excited to launch the new American Standard global brand identity to the enthusiastic response of consumers and the industry… the brand has built a trusted following for its bathroom and kitchen solutions that are innovative, dependable and comfortable to use." Introduced by Konagai.
Photo Credit: American Standard, Satoshi Konagai, Leader, LWT APAC Lixil

American Standard puts their customers at the center of everything they do and has given care and attention to all its products by bringing together thoughtful design and technology to create a purposeful solution, just like how its new collection, American Standard Loven Collection, is achieved through cohesion in aesthetics, producing a complete look for consumers' bathrooms.

Photo Credit: American Standard Loven Collection will be available starting June 2023

American Standard Red exemplifies love and passion for closer relationships with its consumers. This new branding is inspired by the idea that the home is the ultimate expression of peace of mind and comfort. It is a place where we live, love, and grow.

With the new brand identity comes a renewed purpose for American Standard - enabling people to create a home they will love every day. Life. Love. Home.

Photo Credit: American Standard, Unveiling of New Brand Identity

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