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AR Egam Architects: Service That Upholds Professionalism & Integrity

“In this industry, Design and Build is a type of business where it provides services to people. Service towards clients, workers, suppliers, and employees, where it is very important for us, to always uphold professionalism and integrity. With these values, it helps them to know that AR Egam Architects differs from other Design and Build Companies. With that, we always make sure to provide excellent services.”

- Ar. Arlueny

AR Egam Architects is an Architectural Design and Build Company that offers architectural services and project management services. They’ve handled a variety of projects from taking on residential buildings, commercial establishments, renovations, and more.

Founded by principal architect, Ar. Arlueny Rose Egam, in 2020, it’s one of the freshest faces on this list. But what it lacks in years of operation is backed up by Ar. Arlueny’s experience in the field and connections with professional Engineers in structural, electrical, mechanical, and sanitary specializations.

What better way to highlight one of your crowning achievements as your own boss by designing your own building? Coming from humble beginnings of just having 1-2 employees working at home during the pandemic, AR Egam Architects is ready to move in their very own two-storey commercial building as their base of operations with a total of 6 employees.

Inside a compact lot area of 36 sq. m in Bacoor, Cavite, this office and coffee shop type design will relegate business operations on the first floor and a coffee shop situated at the second floor. This amounts to a 64 sq. m floor area that maximizes the design strategy of allowing breathable spaces while maintaining unobtrusive foot traffic.

To start, Ar. Arlueny applied principles of good design based on its - useful, aesthetic, unobtrusive properties. This can be achieved by the utilization of negative spaces which plays the spaces around and between the subject (the project) of an image. Their team intended to make the building iconic but will sit seamlessly on the ground.

The color of the building is white which signifies honesty and integrity. Like a blank canvas, they aimed to make this building represent how their service is like to their clients. Its symbolism of endless possibilities for beginnings helps their clients know that they can help them build their dream homes and any type of building and spaces from scratch, curated uniquely to match the identity of its users. Seeing this structure in the middle of familiarity will give a sense of release - gracefully outstanding but comforting all at once.

Their second featured project is the Calica Bungalow House, located in Brgy. Rizal Natividad, Pangasinan. The client for the project is a couple residing in another country, which is why the property is massive enough to house their three children and their own families. The goal of the project is to serve as a vacation house where they can all meet and relax during special occasions.

A residential building covering a 385 sq. m lot area and a 120 sq. m floor area, the Calica bungalow with roof deck has an interior designed with a dominant beige color that provides a calming, comforting, and homeness feeling. It houses a living area, dining area, kitchen area, common toilet, master’s bedroom with toilet and bath, 2 bedrooms, service area, lanai area, and a deck, a place for gathering with a perfect viewpoint to every corner of the property.

Another extra feature of this house is the lanai facing the grotto of the Virgin Mary, this space was keenly requested by our Catholic client. This helps them keep a private place to pray and worship. Although it’s believed that too much white can be boring to any structure, the house has a unique contemporary design with predominantly white palette. The canvas-like look is balanced by surrounding trees, making its white tones blend seamlessly with nature.



AR Egam Architects

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