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Architecture's Future: "LEGACY, TRANSITION TO NEXT GENERATION" is about to unveil in Manila

With mounting excitement, people are circling the date of August 21, 2023, on their calendars throughout the architectural realm of the Philippines. This significant day will shine a spotlight on an occasion that holds the potential to mold the future direction of Philippine architecture. Orchestrated by Balangkasan 2023, in partnership with the Manila Sampaloc chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), the event entitled "LEGACY: PAVING THE WAY FOR THE NEXT GENERATION" is poised to reveal its splendor at Sine Pop in Manila.

Balangkasan 2023
Balangkasan 2023

Balangkasan 2023, acclaimed for sparking enlightening conversations in the field of architecture and urban progression, is gearing up to unveil an occasion that holds immense significance and reverberates profoundly with the principles of creativity and camaraderie. An assembly of over 300 professionals, encompassing architects, engineers, and industry mavens, is anticipated to honor this stage.

Central to this assembly is an unwavering commitment to nurturing progressive discussions and propelling architectural resolutions harmonizing with sustainability and ingenuity. Under the banner of "Is Philippine Architecture Ready for Smart Cities, Digitalization, and Property Technology," the occasion endeavors to untangle the intricacies of aligning Philippine architecture with the rapidly shifting contemporary requisites.

"LEGACY, TRANSITION TO NEXT GENERATION" boasts an esteemed ensemble of panelists, moderators, and respondents – each an eminent figure in their respective domain. The roster resembles a compendium of architectural virtuosos: Ar. Royal Pineda, Ar. Christian Vasquez, Ar. Jason Ang, Engr. Clark Ferrer, Arr JP Espino, Ar. Allen Cabayu, and Ar. Paul del Rio Jr. This convergence of intellects not only guarantees profound revelations but also establishes the platform for a dialogue that will resound through the chronicles of architectural contemplation.

A crucial element of the occasion centers around its tribute to an innovative personality who has left an everlasting mark on the architectural narrative. Ar. Vicente Duran, the pioneering creator of UAP Manila Sampaloc Chapter, will be honored for his lasting legacy. The event will weave together a collection of tributes, serving as a festivity of his multi-decade journey that has left an unshakable impression on the architectural panorama.

At the heart of this captivating encounter lies a thoughtfully crafted exhibition designed to honor the esteemed legacy of Architect Vicente Duran. Visitors will be enchanted by a visual spectacle that charts the progression of Duran's architectural brilliance spanning an impressive seven decades. This exhibition, harmonizing with the unveiling of his coffee table book, offers attendees a unique opportunity to peer into his architectural voyage and the profound impact he has made on the field.


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