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Bathroom Trends for 2021

Freestanding Tub by Badeloft: Adding a splash of color does wonder for the mood and atmosphere of

your bathroom. Photo from: Badeloft Luxury Bathrooms

As staying indoor is literally IN nowadays (might not be out of choice, but need), people are paying more attention to spaces they use more often. One of which is our every trusty bath. We now want our bathrooms to not only be clean and disinfected always, but smart, pretty, and, above all, places where we can retreat to and relax.

Bringing nature into your private retreat makes perfect sense. Photo from: Good Housekeeping

From floral murals, yellow walls, to voice-commanded flush, these are, what we think, are trends for 2021 to take note of for your bathroom update. While it is indeed true that the latest trends isn't a guarantee of timelessness, I guaranteed that these will stand the test of time.

1. Bright and Clean

Gone are the days when bathrooms are confined to clinical white and polished ceramic tiles. Designers and home decorators are becoming more confident about going busy and bold in bathroom. With Pantone’s color update (there’s two this year!), we might see more yellow and greys in our private retreat.

2. Green is In

Since we’re literally going bonkers over going out and exploring nature, next year will be all about bringing the outside in! There’s going to be a lot of renovations, turning bathrooms into sanctuaries with intricate murals of leaves and trees, and fusing natural elements with stunning installations. For the more practical decorators, bringing greenery in the bathroom in the form of indoor plants is already an upgrade. Plants purifies the air, softens the lines of hard surfaces, and provides a welcome burst of nature in a space that used to be devoid of texture and warmth. Orchids, Pothos, Spider plants, and Snake plants are safe bets for this space. They’re not only good purifiers, they also thrive in bathrooms because of the space’s humidity level.

3. Smart and Sustainable

With smart homes becoming more possible thanks to innovations such as Amazon Alexa and

Apple HomePod, it’s no surprise that baths are now following suit. There’s a range of systems

available, from the more basic (automatic flush or light) to ones that control all aspects of

your bathroom. For instance, in the UK, a bathroom system called SmarTap, allows you to fully

customize every aspect of your bathroom experience, from the duration and temperature

of your shower to the depth of your bath. It also integrates with a wide range of smart home

systems, including Amazon Alexa, so you can even use voice activation. It’s just a matter of

time before we get to develop our own here in the Philippines. From de-misting mirrors, hot

bath tubs with speakers and integrated charging ports, the Filipino bathroom is a haven for

smart technology.

This Amazon Alexa-enabled Verdera Voice mirror by Kohler brings optimally bright, shadowless light

and full stereo sound to your bathroom with a convenient voice command. Photo from: Kohler

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