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Design-influenced policies and social architecture highlighted in this year’s Anthology Festival

The Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2020 with the theme “Think Architecture”, a three-day Festival once again housed by the historical walls of Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila last February to 9, 2020. This year’s theme launched an inquiry into the basis of architecture and how it is adapting to our changing world. The said festival was organized by WTA Architecture+Design Studio.

Now on its 5th year, the festival brought together leading architects, designers, industry leaders and the general public in a series of talks, workshops, and collaborations aimed to help develop and formulate design-influenced policies that assists and accelerate nation building and urban planning.

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival brought together over 150 thought leaders in the architecture and design space for a series of talks, dialogues, and discussions.

Over 150 local and foreign thought leaders in architecture and urbanism headlined this year’s three-day event where all activities happened simultaneously. Keynote speakers for Anthology 2020 are Wong Mun Summ of WOHA, Liu Xiaodu of Urbanus, and Ricardo Bofill of RBTA.

Anthology Talks featured 21 foremost leaders in the industry who shared their ideas about architecture and design. Keynote speakers for Anthology talks include Alireza Taghaboni of next Office, Martin de Geus of Maison H, and Gelo Mañosa of Mañosa and Co. Inc.

Shelter Dialogues; a series of dialectic panels moderated by various architecture critics and thought leaders each featured four to five architects with varied backgrounds. Each panel discussed various topics that explored and pondered the ideals and frameworks that shaped the structures that we build to house our needs and desires in order to improve the public’s understanding and grow awareness about the practice. Keynote speakers and moderators for Shelter Dialogues include Clifford Pearson of KPF Associates, Gerard Joson of JOSON Design, Ana ling of JSLA Architects, Gelo Mañosa of Mañosa of Mañosa and Co. Inc, Xiangning Lu of Tongji University, Buck Sia of Zubu Design Associates, Royal Pineda of Budji+Pineda, Wong Mun Summ of Woha, Manny Miñana of E.A Miñong and Assoc., William Ti Jr. (Anthology Festival Director) WTA Architecture+Design Studio, Chatpong Chuenrudeemol of CHAI Architects, Andra Matin of Prihal, Carlo Calma of Carlo Calma Consultancy, and Dominic Galicia of Dominic Galicia Architects.

Anthology Sessions is a series of free-flowing discussions headed by William Ti Jr. along with Alexander Furunes, founder of Eriksson Furunes Architecture. Anthology Sessions served as a platform to explore and discussed ideas that can help evolve architecture to address the issues of changing the world. A public manifesto that supports urban development by providing an architectural framework that supplements policy making and planning shall be published soon. Keynote speakers for Anthology Sessions include William Ti Jr of WTA Architecture and Design Studio, Alex Furunes of Erikkson Furunes, Koon Wee and Eunice Seng of SKEW Collaborative, and Leandro Poco of L.A. Poco Architects and Associates.

Anthology Raw is a series of socio-cultural debates that aimed to provide thought-provoking discussions and global perspective into mainstream architectural discourse. Founder of Small Projects, Kevin Law led the discussions that sparked heated debates on opposing argument about architectural standards and beliefs. Other keynote speakers include Undi Gunawan of Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jason Higelfort of Land+Civilization Compositions, Denise De Castro od DEQA Design Collaborative, Joel Luna of Joel Luna Planning and Design, and Mauro Berta of Politecnico Di Torino.

Anthology Workshops is a whole day studio type sessions led by world-renowned architects who shared their ideas on critical challenges facing the architecture and design industry. The workshops were conducted by industry leaders SOM, Arup, SKEW and PDP Architects.

Speaker’s Gallery is an exhibition that highlighted both conceptual and built architecture of the Anthology lecturer in relation to the festival’s theme this year. This served as a platform to rediscover the architectural philosophies of each speaker. It also featured works of the various participants that highlighted the diversity and richness of architectural practice from all over the globe.

Installations; a part where part some of the country’s leading firms dotted the festival grounds and showcased the talents of Filipino Architects. Firms erected in installation include WTA Architecture+Design Studi, Buensalido Architects, VisionArch, PGAA Creative Design, Jagnus Design Studio, ZUBU Design Associates.

Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila served as the backdrop for the festival held from February 7 to 9, 2020.

Competitions; a series of competitions happened throughout the duration of the said festival. Students from College of Saint Benilde and University of the Philippines participated on the competition including international schools such as Taylor’s University, University of Indonesia, Universitas Pelita Harapan, Thammasat University, Tsinghua University, Poltecnico dii Torino, Hanyang University.

“The theme “Think Architecture aimed to be a spotlight on the undervalued craftsmanship and overlooked meanings that go into architecture. It is a reaffirmation of our commitment to the beauty of architecture.” Festival Director, William Ti Jr. stated in a press release.

Anthology showcased various architecture and design installations including the WTA X Boysen Pavilion. The structure was constructed using recycled wood from old electric posts, shipping pallets, and recycled plastic and will be on display in Fort Santiago for the next three months.

The festival also aims to explore and discover the sensuality and brilliance of architectural forms and ideas. This serves as a way to reestablish architecture as the foundation for spatial environment, to realign with the vast changes in physical and also in digital and virtual realm, and lastly, to celebrate the changing times with while reaching out to the general and wider public from all over the world.


Words: Jayzieth P. Garcia Images: WTA Architecture and Design Studio/Anthology Festival

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