Choosing a leafy green friend to share your space

Photo by Sidekix Media via Unsplash

Plants, in their lush, green glory have a universal power to add pizzazz to any space. Most claim they are easy on the eyes, to maintain, and on the bank. Okay, the last one is debatable for fiddle leaf owners, but at least they’re not as expensive as faux flora.

But choosing the perfect indoor plant comes down to compatibility! After all, you’re embarking on a

relationship that may last for months or years — so a little research is in order. We’re definitely not going to give you any more of those personality type quizzes (you’re had enough of those from your friends, Karen). Instead, we’re giving you the raw deal from 4 real humans (from different walks of life) to help you pick the perfect houseplant, based on your personality and/or the role you play at home. This is our version of planned parenthood, and you are welcome.

1. WILMER, Interior Designer, Low Rise Condo Dweller

Wilmer’s plants thrive near windows, fueled by indirect sunlight. Photos courtesy of Wilmer Lopez

Have you noticed anything in common about the indoor plants you own?

They are mostly indoor plants like Monstera, Pothos, Philodendrons, some semi-outdoor plants near the windows, and my terrarium.

What do you love most about them?

Aside from they’re low maintenance when it comes to watering, they give life to my spaces, creating a more relaxed atmosphere while bringing life to my home.

How do these plants match your personality?

As I have actually been into plants since I was a kid, I have always considered plants as companions. Like me, they’re great company!