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* very enthusiastic and excited about someone or something.

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adjective: gaga

One of the most interesting things about Architecture is that it is a manifestation of our humanity, a reflection of our collective experiences and feelings. But since experiences and feelings change in the blink of an eye, the practice is fluid. Seismic shifts brought about by the recession, calamity, or pandemic changes the way we look at our culture and navigate our environment. Every young architect or student today is formed in these riptides. This unprecedented maelstrom has imposed a perspective on them that is more distinct from that of their seniors. Like any profession that thrives on technology and leaps of ingenuity, the architecture industry holds a lot of opportunities for young architects to contribute to a constantly evolving world. Unfortunately, it's tough to make that kind of impact without first getting a foothold into what can be a hard-to-crack industry. GAGA Design House, headed by young architects Miguel Silva Garcia and Anna Garcia Garcia managed to fledge into these cracks and soar high with their seniors.


Probably half the age of the architect veterans, The GAGA Design House duo isn’t your typical new blood. Both in their early 30s, their portfolio teems with interesting projects - from low to high rise buildings, to retail, resorts, and residential projects , in and outside the metro. Some of their notable projects would be Project 2406, Brick House and ACS Residence.


One of their most memorable projects which reflects their design ethos is Brick House which is found in an affluent neighborhood in Pampanga. This Tropical Scandinavian house showcases the client’s love for nature and European travels. Shelled in striking red bricks, this house isn’t hard to spot as the design expresses a bold contrast against the familiar designs of its neighbors through a straightforward, outlined form.

Going through photos of their other projects, it only took me seconds to notice their signature look - all projects are distinct, bold, and monolithic.


Much like their designs, the duo was able to build a confident, well-structured design firm, all thanks to their experience working with complex projects with different reputable companies before engaging in business. The firm also adheres to the constant communication and collaboration between client and designer to achieve the most comfortably designed space. They do not only pride themselves with the creative and unique execution of each project, they’re client-centered as well, a rare trait in firms headed by so-called millennial bosses. For the duo, Architecture does not have a template, the client is their template.

In D+C’s exclusive interview with the GAGA Design House Principals, Architect Miguel and Anna Garcia, we’re letting you in on the minds of such young but experienced architects who are able to create their own Philosophy for others to follow. Come through to see why we’re going gaga over GAGA designs.

D+C: Tell us something about Brick House.

Architect Miguel: This house reflects the GAGA vision and creativity. The Client wanted something fresh and modern. We noticed that around the village, nothing really calls you out for a second look. This house broke the monotony of its surroundings.

We believe that each person is different and that their homes should reflect their differences”

Ar. Anna Garcia, Principal Architect-GAGA Design House

Ar. Miguel Garcia, Principal Architect-GAGA Design House

D+C: How did you go about convincing the client of this bold look?

Architect Anna : “It’s not really about convincing o