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Hilti’s Partnership with Bentley Systems Allow Better Design Workflows Through Software Integration

As the world-leading provider of high-quality, innovative and specialized tools, fastening systems and software-based solutions for the professional user, Hilti North America’s making an industry-changing partnership with Bentley Systems. By integrating their PROFIS Engineering Suite with cloud-based software of Bentley’s RAM Structural System, this modernized infrastructure allows engineers and designers the ability to transfer designs quicker and more accurately between the two programs.

PROFIS Engineering Suite In Tandem with Bentley’s RAM Structural System

PROFIS Engineering Suite, a user-friendly, cloud-based application, helps handle the calculations and analysis of the different elements of a steel-to-concrete connection, including base plate and anchors, with easier iteration and thorough documentation. With Bentley’s RAM Structural System and PROFIS Engineering working together to streamline project workflows. Users can leverage the integration of RAM Structural System with the design power of PROFIS Engineering to easily import, design, and export anchor and base plate designs, while ensuring accuracy and maximum productivity.

With more than 3,800 highly trained account managers, engineers, and employees throughout North America, Hilti’s expertise covers the areas of powder actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, strut and hanger systems, solutions for tool crib productivity as well as worker health and safety. Their tried and tested expertise in the field makes it an even more important milestone to partner with a brand like Bentley Systems.

Building Partnerships to Further Industry-Specific Tools

“Our customers have requested integrations between their structural analysis software and PROFIS Engineering to increase user productivity while ensuring accuracy of their design,” said David Crawford, director of technical marketing and application solutions at Hilti North America.

This partnership is due to move the industry forward as Crawford adds that they “are eager to align with an organization like Bentley that shares our values in providing solutions that move the industry forward. Integrated with RAM Structural System to deliver a seamless experience further enables our customers to simplify the entire anchor design process from start to finish, while delivering considerable time savings for each design. This is yet another example of Hilti listening to our users and providing additional value that benefits the customer’s bottom line.”

On the other side of the partnership, Bentley Systems are also excited to further the applications of their quality software. Josh Taylor, senior director of structural product management at Bentley Systems says “We are excited to give our RAM Structural System users the additional benefit of a seamless interface with Hilti PROFIS Engineering to improve accuracy and save time for their structural steel-to-concrete connection designs.”

To introduce the kinks Hilti customers with the new RAM Structural System plugin for PROFIS Engineering, they may register for the webinar Enhancing Design Productivity Through Software Integration presented in collaboration with Bentley Systems.


WORDS Gerald Manuel



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