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Construction Expert Launches ‘Homeqube’ Blockchain and AI-Powered Homebuilding Platform

Jose Paolo "JP" Calma, the former CEO of the renowned Multi-Development and Construction Corporation (MDCC) and scion of a prominent Filipino lineage of architects and contractors, has introduced Homeqube. This innovative platform utilizes the power of blockchain and AI to empower users in designing their ideal homes.

JP Calma - HQ CEO
JP Calma - HQ CEO

Homeqube offers a seamless network of architects, engineers, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers, ensuring a streamlined and efficient homebuilding process for its users. With Homeqube, turning dreams into reality has never been more accessible.

Leveraging his profound expertise in system architecture and interior construction, Calma gained firsthand insight into the intricacies of the homebuilding industry. Motivated by the realization of the challenges it posed, he embarked on creating a decentralized online platform that democratizes homebuilding, making it accessible to everyone.

According to Calma, Homeqube is meticulously crafted to address enduring issues within the industry. “Homeqube is designed to solve persistent problems within the industry, such as long lead times, staggering inefficiencies in the design process, the overreliance on human labor, unsustainable raw materials, and not to mention the huge gap between e-commerce and the sector.”

The homebuilding platform, fueled by blockchain and AI, presents user-centric controls known as "knobs," which adhere to a deconstruction philosophy. Through these knobs, users can create diverse design combinations using fundamental system parts. By adjusting these controls, users gain the ability to explore cost, lifestyle, and mobility metrics, empowering them to make well-informed decisions regarding home design and construction.

Homeqube "knobs"
Homeqube "knobs"

Among its remarkable attributes, the platform includes optical character recognition (OCR) for automated lot area plotting, ensuring seamless processes. Moreover, agile design capabilities enable flexible adjustments, while essential documents are automatically generated before the move-in phase, streamlining the entire experience.

By utilizing the platform's standardized QUBE token and incorporating a gamification approach, users can earn tokens through various means. This includes gaining recognition and acceptance for their created parts and designs by the Homeqube system, participating in design game challenges, and ultimately, offering their designs as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) once they become esteemed members of the community.

Moreover, the platform boasts a Solana-based launchpad and NFT marketplace catering to a vast array of homebuilding requirements. This all-encompassing marketplace encompasses home designs, home system algorithms, decors, furniture, fixtures, prototypes, and augmented reality (AR) overlays. Pioneering the way, it stands as the first NFT marketplace that accepts an extensive range of 3D printing files, including parametric data and generative art.

Homeqube's groundbreaking transformation of the industry is rooted in strategic information architecture and the strength of peer collaboration.

According to the CEO, “Drawing on the principles of strategic information architecture and the power of peer collaboration, Homeqube revolutionizes the industry. There’s no need for traditional e-commerce ‘add to cart’ processes. With our platform, we introduce an innovative approach where commercial satisfaction can be achieved through engaging and interactive experiences. We’re also paving the way for seamless fiat ramping,”

As per Calma, the platform functions as a central hub catering to industry professionals ranging from manufacturers and engineers to interior designers and plumbers. It serves as an enriching space for refining their practices or launching their businesses with ease and efficiency.

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