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World-famous designer, Patricia Urquiola collaborates with Michelin-starred chef Andreas Caminada to launch House Maya, Andermatt’s newest flagship residential project

Exterior facade of House Maya in Andermatt, Switzerland
Exterior facade of House Maya in Andermatt, Switzerland

Nestled in the breathtaking Swiss Alps, Andermatt Reuss proudly unveils its latest architectural gem, House Maya. Perched along the vibrant retail boulevard, this residential masterpiece merges the visionary design prowess of internationally acclaimed interior designer, Patricia Urquiola, with the culinary expertise of four-time Michelin-starred chef, Andreas Caminada.

Renowned for her avant-garde approach to contemporary minimalism, Patricia Urquiola's influence graces every corner of Andermatt. Her stellar portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed brands such as the Four Seasons Milan, Six Senses Rome, and JW Marriott Hotel Seoul, earning her accolades as "Designer of the Decade" and "Designer of the Year."

In tandem with the unveiling of House Maya, Urquiola joins forces with culinary virtuoso Andreas Caminada to introduce the newest IGNIV restaurant, enriching Andermatt's gastronomic landscape. With successful ventures in bustling metropolises like Bangkok and Zurich, IGNIV promises a communal dining experience, fostering creativity and community spirit within Andermatt.

Against a backdrop of global economic uncertainty, Switzerland remains a beacon of stability and security for investors worldwide. Knight Frank reports a staggering 16% increase in Swiss property prices last year, reaffirming its status as a premier investment destination. Within this landscape, Andermatt emerges as a prominent choice, capturing the attention of discerning investors seeking both financial prosperity and unparalleled natural beauty.

House Maya: Prime & Profitable Real Estate for Asia’s Property Investors 

House Maya presents a compelling real estate opportunity, particularly for Asian investors drawn to the favorable financial landscape of Andermatt. Unlike many areas subject to restrictive foreign real estate regulations, Andermatt operates outside the constraints of the Lex Koller regulations, enhancing its appeal to international buyers. This unique combination of factors, alongside the burgeoning wealth in Asia, has spurred significant interest in luxury European properties.

By the year 2025, Asia is projected to account for 24% of the global ultra-high-net-worth individual (UHNWI) population. Notably, the Asia-Pacific region boasts the highest concentration of billionaires worldwide, comprising 36% of the global total. The growth trajectory is particularly pronounced in the Chinese Mainland, where Knight Frank forecasts a staggering 246% surge in affluent residents by 2025. This surge in wealth has catalyzed a strong desire among Asian investors to diversify their portfolios beyond local markets, with European real estate emerging as a focal point.

For discerning investors from countries such as Singapore, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong, stability of capital growth within low-interest environments, coupled with robust sustainability commitments, is paramount. Andermatt Swiss Alps properties, including House Maya, exemplify these principles in action.

With a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, including extensive cleanup initiatives and emissions monitoring, Andermatt is a magnet for investors prioritizing sustainable investments. Adopting practices like low-energy construction methods, innovative food waste strategies, and the integration of alternative transportation options such as e-buses and taxis, Andermatt has achieved notable success in reducing waste incineration by 5.4%. This dedication to sustainability not only aligns with contemporary investor priorities but also ensures a harmonious balance between luxury living and ecological responsibility.

House Maya: An Exclusive Collection of 17 Residences and Penthouses

Interior of the apartments at House Maya
Interior of the apartments at House Maya

Interior of the apartments at House Maya
Interior of the apartments at House Maya

Rising majestically as the tallest multi-family dwelling in the area, House Maya stands as a pinnacle of architectural excellence, boasting seven floors adorned with 14 meticulously crafted residences and three penthouses, each offering awe-inspiring vistas of the surrounding Alpine landscape. Spanning between 105m2 and 138m2 in size, these residences epitomize luxury living at its finest. With Patricia Urquiola's distinctive design flair, each space exudes an air of sophistication and refinement.

Infused with a blend of simplicity, nostalgia, and modern reinterpretations, these bespoke apartments offer a warm ambiance deeply rooted in nature. Interiors showcase a harmonious fusion of materials, including Alpi Grey Stone, glossy tiles, and lime-based textured plaster walls, harmoniously complemented by oak cladding and Green Salvan Stone accents. Flooring, adorned with Listone Giordano Biscuit oak and Mutina ceramic tiles in Dechirer white and Tierras Sand, epitomizes both comfort and innovation, creating inviting living spaces that inspire.

Nestled along Andermatt's premier retail boulevard, akin to the renowned Orchard Road, House Maya serves as the flagship residence within this burgeoning community. The development of this boulevard, boasting an array of retail and gastronomy outlets, is poised to redefine Andermatt Reuss as a vibrant hub, cementing its status as a landmark destination within the village.

As of February 2024, House Maya opens its doors to prospective buyers, offering an exclusive opportunity to secure these coveted residences. With completion scheduled for the summer of 2025 and the highly anticipated launch of Andreas Caminada's IGNIV restaurant slated for December 2024, the allure of House Maya beckons discerning individuals seeking the epitome of Alpine luxury living. Prices for these unparalleled residences start from CHF1.65 million (PHP104.3 million), inviting investors and homeowners alike to embark on a journey of timeless elegance and exceptional beauty.


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