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As a licensed Interior Designer, I found myself surprisingly busy throughout the pandemic as clients began to reevaluate how they use their spaces. As lockdowns in Manila were placed longer and longer, homeowners envisioned creative ways how to make their spaces efficient and thought of ways to enjoy their surroundings.

Genkan-inspired foyer where you can take off and store your outdoor shoes.

Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

For this year, what is trending in interior design is a reaction to our experiences during the pandemic. These are not only trends but practical ideas that are here to stay for the foreseeable future.


Foyers are now being converted into modern mudrooms and sanitation areas. A foyer acts as a buffer between outdoor and indoor living areas.

Our entryways now have a bench or a seating area to remove our shoes and store them. A smart way to do this is to add a concealed cabinet or a closet for coats; and a cabinet for shoes.

This area is heavily utilized so materials here should be durable. A disinfection table is also placed here to use upon entering the house and to sanitize our deliveries.

Some mudrooms can be located at the back of the house. These may be combined with the laundry area so people can change before entering the house.

Mudrooms and sanitation areas are very practical but that doesn’t mean that they can not be beautiful. Always keep it consistent with the overall design of your home.

Here is a comfortable place to work on, a place to lounge in, watch a movie, or do indoor exercises! Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

A spacious flex room with different zones: indoor recreational activities, a TV area, and an online gaming corner. Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

A living room that opens up to nature, boosts our mental and physical well-being.

Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors


My clients, in general, look for complexity, flexibility, and diversity in their spaces. Rooms now need to be more than just programmed spaces for a singular purpose. They can now be adapted for reconfiguration after almost two years of working from home, online classes, attempting to exercise indoors, and having a space where you can isolate yourself from other members of your family.

A lot of rooms are now converted into “flex rooms”. A spacious flex room can have different zones. The tip is to arrange furniture for each zone and let it work well in unison. Having a balanced look may be a challenge as furniture pieces must be evaluated for the design and functionality in different angles and vantage points.


Greenery and nature enhance our connection to the environment and they boost our mental and physical well-being.

Clients are now looking for spaces that are usable for recreation and enjoyment. For

those homeowners with large gardens, fruit-bearing trees and vegetable gardens are often in vogue. Larger outdoor tables and more comfortable lounge seats are more prevalent, as entertaining family and friends at home have become more commonplace.

For those living in townhouses and condos, herb gardens, indoor plants, and vertical gardens are incorporated into their living spaces.

A bright office free from distractions will surely increase your productivity!

Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors


Accessorize according to your personality. Display decors that will keep you happy and photos that will keep you inspired! Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

At the start of the pandemic, many of us worked in the dining area. A comfortable space to work on individually eventually became a need.

In order for a work-from-home set up to be successful, we need these basic things: natural light, good air quality, comfortable temperature; an ergonomically correct chair and desk, and a dedicated space that is free from distractions. To promote productivity, never sacrifice function for form. The furniture should always serve you. Consider the type of work that you do and your workflow; and curate items that you need at your fingertips before investing in furniture and accessories. Look for pieces that are both beautiful and functional.

Accessorize to show your personality. Choose pieces and colors that you love and those that will keep you inspired to work. A beautifully curated office will also reflect your personality during online meetings. Give a good impression by considering upgrading your gadgets like a better camera, microphone, and good lighting. Your home office should motivate you to get the work done.

Build a timeless house that is easy to maintain. Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

Make your furniture work for you! Invest in multi-purpose pieces that will save space.

Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors


Minimalist interiors are still here to stay as we want more clutter-free and organized spaces. Homeowners are now packing away decors that are duct collectors; bulky furniture pieces are

now being moved into storage (when possible), thus creating more airy and spacious living spaces. Spaces are now more efficiently used by keeping only those that are essential. More storage is demanded ---even required --- and home organization has increased in popularity. Multi-purpose furniture and cabinetry can help make the most of a given space.

Spaces are now more efficiently used by keeping only those that are essential.

Choose subtle patterns and easy-to-maintain furniture. Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

Your home is an extension of yourself. Plan and build with your interior designer and make the most out of it. Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

Quartz and solid surfaces are the best choices for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. Photo & Interior Design by KDG Interiors

Colors and patterns that are easy on the eyes are a big hit! Lighter-colored wood floors, white walls, and subtle wallpaper patterns are being favored over bold and bright colors and prints. A toned-down style that is more neutral, simple, and easier to maintain is in demand as this gives us a more relaxed vibe.

The demand for clean and sanitized areas is a given, but our desire to have beautiful spaces is equally important. Interior finishes, surfaces, and furniture have to be both easy to maintain and clean, and at the same time still look stunning. Solid surfaces and quartz are our best bet for countertops as they are more resistant to wear and tear. Velvet and suede fabrics shrug off spills and stains. Rugs and patterned carpets conceal stains as well. Vinyl and engineered wood add comfort and warmth.

The pandemic gave us more time to figure out what we want and need in a living space. It opened new possibilities and a new hybrid lifestyle. We found new ways to safely interact, and our homes are at the center of it all. These times reshaped the way we work, we sleep, exercise, dine, and entertain. Interior designers are now creating havens for everyday life, and are now helping homeowners design spaces for this new lifestyle which is home-centric. D+C



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