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Is your Large Format Printer keeping up with your complex workflows in this new normal?

More and more Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) workflows are moving to the cloud, as digitalization empowers remote teams to collaborate virtually on complex projects. Similarly, modern Large Format Printers have evolved to meet the demands of digital sharing and security. Here are some of the latest Large Format Multifunctional Printer (MFP) capabilities you should be leveraging on.

Overcoming geographical barriers and time zones

AEC teams are no longer constrained by the physical location of the project. Your construction team could be onsite in Manila, while the architectural and engineering teams could be working out of Singapore or Tokyo. Everyone can work remotely without compromising efficiency.

The onsite team can send annotated digital drawings for printing at headquarters remotely via their smartphone, facilitating discussions with the head architect to seamlessly resolve any issues with ease and speed.

Collaborations are further simplified with smart features, such as the ability to scan to a network folder, cloud, or email directly from your Multifunctional Printer (MFP) without the need to first transfer the scanned file to a computer. The tendency for scans to be misaligned is quickly smoothed over with the de-skew function, which automatically straightens scans, saving you precious time.

Effortless batch printing with just one click

The complexity of AEC projects means there are usually multiple files to manage between the various project stakeholders. One time-saving function is simply dragging and dropping all the files you need to print with one click instead of manually loading each file. The menial task of organizing printouts is eliminated with the automatic collation of multiple copies of lengthy documents by set and layout orientation.

Simplify the printing of complex AEC files and optimize the collaboration between remote teams. Discover all this and more groundbreaking capabilities in our free eBook.

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