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Create and Implement Cohesive Design with La Orquiza Interiors

One challenge most creative professionals underestimate is the value of staying cohesive. Unlike the issue of combating blandness, having an overabundance of concepts and ideas can lead to a messy output. This can be even more troublesome when practical functionality is involved, especially when considering utilities.

La Orquiza Interiors - D+C Magazine

For this reason, Stephanie Joyce Orquiza, Founder and Principal Designer of La Orquiza Interiors, grounds her projects with a deep understanding of her clients’ needs and the practical constraints of the space she’s given.

Developing an interest in interior design has been a part of Stephanie’s childhood as she collected home and design magazines to someday build these spaces herself. She would take this big leap in her life path as she took up BS Interior Design from Raffles Design Institute in Singapore where she would gather the skills to help her through seven fruitful years in the interior design industry. This would prompt her to develop her own practice through La Orquiza Interiors.

Stephanie's background as a Senior Design Manager has also given her valuable leadership skills and experience managing large-scale design projects. This experience has honed her keen eye for detail and the ability to collaborate effectively with others. “It's interesting to find the concept of unity to be valuable in interior spaces, despite the fact that different rooms may have unique design features.” says Stephanie.

La Orquiza Interiors - D+C Magazine

To her preference, Stephanie holds a special place in her heart for residential interior design projects. “Residential design allows for more creativity and personalization as each project is unique and tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. It's a more intimate and collaborative process, where you can work closely with the client to bring their vision to life and create a space that truly reflects their personality and lifestyle.” notes Stephanie.

While she deals with different parameters when working with retail projects, Stephanie sees this as a rewarding experience to have a larger-scale impact on a wider audience. “The challenge of meeting specific requirements while still maintaining aesthetic appeal and functionality is also exciting and satisfying for an interior designer.” Stephanie adds, “In addition to aesthetics, convenience, and facilities are also important considerations when it comes to creating marketable buildings. The trend towards minimalism in design is particularly popular right now, as it creates a sense of simplicity and elegance that many people find attractive.”

O Residences by La Orquiza Interiors

La Orquiza Interiors - D+C Magazine
La Orquiza Interiors

To implement a modern contemporary style on this 750 sq. meter two-story residential house, Stephanie and her team grounded her design with a focus on simplicity, sophistication, and a sense of calm. Clean lines were used complemented with a deliberate choice of textures to avoid a cluttered look. With the home’s open-plan layout, a sense of spaciousness is still evident as can be seen in the living room and dining areas.

As a renovation project, Stephanie opted for natural-stoned walls highlighted by backlighting and narra flooring to renew the texture of the home. One highlight of the home is the refurbished theater room that comes with soundproofing panels and carpeted flooring to elevate it as a luxurious space from the rest. These additions allow style and function to blossom in unity.

One B Residences by La Orquiza Interiors

Making do with less is always a challenge creatively. For this 60 sq. meter one-bedroom unit, Stephanie optimized the concept of simplicity and minimalism. Using Japanese traditional Zen philosophy, key elements of line, form, space, and light are incorporated through geometry and natural materials. This means it’s a critical challenge to make do without nonessentials to reduce all elements down to their core qualities.

La Orquiza Interiors - D+C Magazine

To avoid overdoing the design with too many details, Stephanie found a balanced solution that involved minimalist accents while using the pop of colors Japan is known for. The accent wall has a solid wood finish with a pop art painting of Mount Fuji with Cherry Blossoms. The floating bed also features aesthetic lighting features for dynamic lighting that frame a clean and minimalistic look.

“Whether it's a residential or commercial project, the key to successful interior design is the ability to understand and fulfill the client's needs and preferences.” Stephanie adds, “Aesthetics and design are certainly important factors that can influence the appeal of a building, as people are naturally drawn to spaces that are visually pleasing and well-designed. It's important to design spaces that are user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provide a sense of comfort and safety.”

La Orquiza Interiors - D+C Magazine

It’s vital to remember that creating cohesive spaces isn’t just a solitary endeavor. Besides managing the different materials and patterns available to your design, it’s also an issue of collaborating with the actual users of the space. Through incorporating unity in her designs, Stephanie creates spaces that are both visually stunning and functional.

“Creating a cohesive design that ties everything together is crucial in establishing brand identity and creating a memorable experience for guests. As an interior designer, my role is to listen to my client's needs and preferences and translate them into a space that is both beautiful and functional. It's a collaborative process where you work together with your clients to create a space that they can truly call their own.” – Stephanie Joyce Orquiza

Stephanie Joyce Orquiza of La Orquiza Interiors - D+C Magazine
Stephanie Joyce Orquiza - La Orquiza Architects

A Sense of Balance in All Things

While it may have a more prominently qualitative output, Interior Design is still a visual science. It’s an understanding of behavior of people in spaces that balances functionality through its different facets, from walls to floors and more.

Through a professional Interior Designer’s capable hands, the key elements of design are molded and shaped to fit the client’s goal. Whether a building needs to meet a residential space’s personal preferences or a brand’s identity to flourish, good interior design is achieved through a meticulous analysis of materials, patterns, concepts, and all the subtle details found in and around any piece of architecture.

The three lectures from these firms can serve as a guide for professionals, new and old, to reassess their own project workflow. As peers in the same field, the success of these firms show that there’s always something new to learn or something familiar to reconnect with in the wide canvas of possibilities that is Interior Design.

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