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LEGACY, TRANSITION TO NEXT GENERATION: A Discourse on Smart Cities and Property Technology

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August 21, 2023 witnessed a significant occurrence within Manila's core. An event of great importance, orchestrated by Balangkasan 2023 in partnership with the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) Manila Sampaloc chapter, emerged as a defining juncture in the path of Philippine architecture. The venue, Sine Pop, hosted this occasion, offering an immersive stage for more than 300 experts, encompassing architects, engineers, and industry luminaries.

Celebrated for incubating forward-looking dialogues in architecture and urban progress, Balangkasan 2023 emerged as a radiant source of enlightenment and unity. This gathering stood as a pivotal crossroads for architects, practitioners, and enthusiasts, offering them a platform to delve into the ever-evolving realm of architectural resolutions, with sustainability and innovation at its core.

The event's central theme orbited around the complexities and prospects engendered by the ascent of smart cities, digitalization, and property technology. Amid the rapid pace of technological advancements and the growing imperative for sustainable methodologies, the discourse artfully addressed fundamental inquiries concerning the adaptability of Philippine architecture to the requisites of the modern era.

"LEGACY, TRANSITION TO NEXT GENERATION" convened an assemblage of distinguished panelists, moderators, and reactors – luminaries within their respective realms. Eminent personalities such as Ar. Royal Pineda, Ar. Christian Vasquez, Ar. Jason Ang, Engr. Clark Ferrer, Ar. JP Espino, Ar. Allen Cabayu, and Ar. Paul del Rio Jr. contributed their profound insights, experiences, and expertise to enrich the discourse.

Significantly, the event also bestowed recognition upon Architect Vicente Duran, the visionary founder of UAP Manila Sampaloc Chapter, commemorating his profound impact on the architectural landscape.

An essential facet of the event featured a distinctive exhibition that played a central role, paying homage to the illustrious career of Architect Vicente Duran. Guests were treated to a meticulously arranged showcase spotlighting Duran's architectural marvels, which spanned an impressive and inspiring seven decades.

In synchrony with the exhibition, the unveiling of his coffee table book offered a personal insight into his architectural journey, affording attendees the opportunity to grasp the enduring impact he has made.

"LEGACY, TRANSITION TO NEXT GENERATION" transcended mere assembly; it stood as a transformative juncture within the realm of Philippine architecture. This occasion emphasized the criticality of architects embracing novelty, leading-edge technologies, and sustainable methodologies. With urban landscapes in perpetual transformation, architects bear the responsibility of actively crafting cities that shine as exemplars of efficiency, adaptability, and preparedness for the times ahead.

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