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LJ Architects and Builders’ Balance Between Efficiency and Aesthetics

Barameda’s Farm and Resort Basud, Camarines Norte


LJ Architects and Builders was established in 2015 by the principal architect and general manager, Ar. Luis Alberto Pandeagua, together with other professionals and individuals whose been in the local construction business in Daet, Camarines Norte.


These experts hold specializations in Design, Engineering, Construction, Roofing and Steel Works, and Building General Maintenance. For the past years, they have completed various commercial and residential projects under its former business name (L.A.P. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION). They later expanded and established an office in Tagaytay, City as LJ Architects and Builders.

To keep up with modern trends in the construction and development scene, the LJ Architects and Builders team focuses on the latest in innovative tech to develop quality buildings and refurbishments. They achieve this by maintaining quality management systems, regardless of the project’s size. This helps them maintain timely delivery of their output without going beyond the estimated expenses of their costing.

Their time of vastly talented members helps them cover multiple bases in the construction and development process, allowing them to collaborate on all sorts of projects. Besides their standard services of drafting buildings from the ground up and interior renovations, they also provide planning studies, engineering design and cost estimates, preparation of plans and specifications, and construction management and supervision.

They thrive when working seamlessly with owners and engineers to help get projects within budget and completed on time. For this reason, they understand the importance of meeting their clients’ needs so they can assist you in achieving their goals; that's why they are committed to completing every project on time and within budget.

“We implement modern tropical architecture by combining contrasting earth colors and natural materials and elements with large windows and openings to have views of surroundings and landscapes."

Barameda’s Farm and Resort

One of their many notable projects is the Barameda’s Farm and Resort, located in San Felipe, Basud. It’s a project designed with relaxation, adventure, and leisure in mind, where guests can experience farm-like living during their stay. It showcases tropical design that celebrates sustainable Filipino architecture, highlighting plenty of natural light and ventilation.

The resort hosts a wide selection of amenities, from gardening areas to amphitheaters where guests can lounge about and feel the rural paradise they’re in. In the center of it all is a multi-purpose hall that is openly designed for natural light and ventilation. Right next to it is a pool area sitting at 192 sq. m. and 108 sq. m. for water-based activities.

The team kept the client’s considerations in mind when designing around several hectares of land, while also introducing the sustainable elements needed to keep a fully-functioning resort. This is why its design saves spaces for sustainable farming where the guests can experience a truly memorable stay in the province.

Nasugbu Resthouse

Another of LJ Architects and Builders’ notable projects is the Nasugbu Resthouse. It contains an open-floor plan framed around a modern tropical rest house design. The building uses wide-open windows, light and airy interiors, plus wood cladding added to achieve this effect.

It also has a central pool accessible from common and private spaces to give an astonishing view of the nearby woods. The building is mostly built with wood materials which give off a tropical statement paired with light-colored finishes.

Tropical design is inherently tied to the natural geography of the building’s surroundings. Thankfully, Ar. Luis has had the opportunity to travel and work on different projects that gave him the experience to balance efficient and aesthetic design with his work. LJ Architects and Builders have developed their brand of service by ensuring a checklist of requirements when drafting their product.



LJ Architects

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