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MAHI Center Wins Best Mixed-Use Architectural Design in the Philippines

APPLEONE GROUP, a prominent real estate developer rooted in Cebu, boasts over a decade of extensive experience in property development, spanning Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality sectors. The company is dedicated to creating enduring landmarks and forging iconic partnerships while garnering recognition for its multi-awarded projects on the global stage.

One such project, the MAHI CENTER, represents AppleOne Group's inaugural mixed-use development in Mactan. During the 11th PropertyGuru Philippines Property Awards, this project received several accolades, including the distinction of Best Mixed Use Architectural Design. Additionally, it garnered High Commendations for Best Mixed Use Development and Best Hotel Development, recognizing the exceptional Fairfield by Marriott Cebu Mactan component within the Mahi Center.

Mahi Center, strategically situated in the heart of Lapu-Lapu City, enjoys proximity to the airport and the Mactan Economic Processing Zone. This integrated center serves as a bustling hub catering to both travelers and locals seeking tailored business and leisure experiences. It offers a comprehensive array of office, retail, and hospitality services within a single complex.

At its core, the center features a 5-floor Office Tower, providing a home to various global companies and BPOs, thereby contributing to the demand for increased employment opportunities in Cebu. Moreover, it offers direct access to a boutique shopping mall, boasting a carefully curated retail experience that includes both local and international brands, catering to the diverse needs of the community and businesses in the vicinity. Additionally, the mall features a major supermarket chain, coffee shops, and anchor food brands.

Furthermore, the center includes a 9-floor, 196-room premier global business hotel managed by Marriott International, under the Fairfield by Marriott Cebu Mactan brand. This hotel caters to both vacationers and business travelers, offering a welcoming and seamless experience that replicates the comforts of home while on the road.

AppleOne Group firmly believes that this project will not only establish itself as a leisure destination but also as a driving force behind business and investment opportunities in Mactan.

About the Architectural Design:

The Mahi Center's architectural design, conceived by the renowned Philippine architects at ArchiGlobal, serves as a gateway to the Mactan Economic Zone. Situated on a 7,556-square-meter lot, the development showcases retail areas and a boutique shopping mall on its podium floors. Atop the podium, one can find a building dedicated to offices and another for the 196-room branded business hotel.

Inspired by the intricate patterns of coral, the gently sloping perforated metal skin enveloping the oval high atrium at the entrance to the office and mall areas creates a distinctive feature for the development. Sinuous bands of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) encircle every floor of the buildings, ensuring a harmonious look throughout the complex. The project incorporates landscaped areas on various floors to provide users with a continuous connection to nature.

Beyond aesthetics, sustainability takes center stage in the building's design. The orientation of the structure was carefully considered to minimize solar heat gain. Spaces with low occupant loads were strategically placed to mitigate sun exposure. To reduce water and energy consumption, the project incorporated features such as double-glazed windows, low-flow bathroom fixtures, and energy-efficient equipment. The commitment to sustainability extends to the development's landscaped areas, where native or naturalized trees and shrubs were selected to minimize water and maintenance requirements.

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