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Philippines’ Top Architects Showcasing World Class Masterpieces at WORLDBEX 2023

Philippines has proved again and again that Filipino architects can go toe to toe against international ones. From design competitions to award-winning buildings, different architectural

firms have showcased their different forte in architecture and design.

Filipino architects have shown the best in Filipino design with many employing classic Filipino aesthetics to the international audience and showcasing innovative and practical building designs.

From March 16 to 19, the top Philippine architects will meet, not for competition but to share and

spread new architectural ideas. Since it has started, WORLDBEX has been connecting

architects with their peers along with different companies.

WORLDBEX has also continuously supported local and upcoming firms through its Architect’s Gallery. The gallery allows architects to feature their latest designs that visitors, new architects, and architecture students can learn from.

Some of the architectural firms you will get to know at WORLDBEX are:

WTA Architecture and Design Studios

Known for their aesthetically pleasing but practical designs, WTA has won various awards in international competitions such as WAFX Awards at 2021’s World Architecture Festival.

ASYA Designs

ASYA Design is known for designing City of Dreams. They provide innovative architecture best known for balanced blend of aesthetic and it’s pedestrian practicality that takes into consideration scale and market segments.

ARC LICO International Services Corp

ARC LICO is an architectural firm famous for addition of Filipino flair in their designs along with usage of Filipino architectural knowledge. They have designed the Museo ni Dr. Pio Valenzuela and a Spanish-era Inspired Shopping Mall.

Fulgar Architects

Focusing on mainly commercial properties, Fulgar Architects create unique and good-looking designs to transform condos, hotel and resorts into eye- catching meta-modern works.

PDP Architects

PDP Architects’ work center around 3 aspects, people, design, and places. Their people-centered designs aim to elevate the value of places and keep the design cycle going.

Edward Co Tan + Architects

Edward Co Tan + Architects aims to utilize structure as architecture. They use all parts of the building to create a system that values space, efficiency, and operations.

Arch. Jonathan O. Gan & Associates

Integrating environment, culture, and technology to their designs, Arch. Jonathan O. Gan & Associates have been proving themselves in the world of architecture. With awards from BCI Asia as one of the Top Ten Market Leaders in architecture, the firm has impressed many different clients with their design services.

PALAFOX Architecture Group, Inc

From La Mesa Ecopark to Clark Freeport Zone, PALAFOX Architecture Group has shown itself as multidisciplinary juggernaut in the field of architecture. They are committed in upholding their values in conserving natural environment along with economic growth, culture, history, and interfaith spirituality.

Angeles Architectural Studio

An up-and-coming architectural studio in the scene. Angeles Architectural Studio focuses on user experiences with its thoughtful designs that is immerse in creative narratives.

Primea Design Group Co.

Primea Design Group Co. offers design concepts and master planning. With a specialty in urban concepts and design, they create practical design solutions to their loyal clientele.

LPPA Design Group

LPPA Design Group brings its innovative solutions and global standards to clients. With a proven track record, LPPA Design Group has cemented itself as a firm that is focused on delivering high-performance designs, on budget and on time.

Deqa Design Collaborative

Providing transformative work and design, Deqa Design Collaborative approaches projects through a user-centric, research-drive, and sustainable perspective. They provide innovative solutions through their constant engagement in critiques and dialogues.

At WORLDBEX, you will be able to gain valuable insights with the different architectural firms along with their design process as principal architects of these firms showcase their latest works.

You can find these architectural groups and firms only at the Architect’s Gallery at WORLDBEX 2023.

The WORLDBEX Legacy Continues from March 16-19, 2023 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and SMX Convention Center Manila.


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