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Sika Philippines Builds A Future With Everyday Heroes Campaign For 2023

On March 29, 2023, Sika Philippines, Inc. launched its latest campaign for the year, "Everyday Heroes," with a renewed focus on recovering from the pandemic by intensifying its drive for sustainability and sharing a hopeful vision. The campaign aims to honor inspiring figures who are committed to excellence and possess unmatched reliability and courage for innovation, just like what the Sika brand represents.

Sika aims to be the everyday hero and a dependable, adaptable brand that looks towards the future. With ethical and effective action plans, the company remains committed to excellence by contributing to the development of every significant sector of society and promoting a more sustainable environment for enterprises, communities, and families.

A year-long series of activations and events has been launched by the new campaign aimed at empowering and recognizing everyday heroes. Sika, in its commitment to enhancing the technical skills of builders, has introduced a monthly online series of knowledge sessions for specifiers, applicators, and other relevant professionals. These webinars will delve into specific topics such as Basement Waterproofing, Façade Solutions, Passive Fire Protection, Building Solutions, Data Center Technology, Water Treatment, Industrial Solutions, as well as Refurbishment and Retrofitting.

Sika is also offering Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training in addition to the webinars. These collaborative technical forums are held in partnership with various design and build associations and agencies, providing consultants, applicators, and technical specialists with focused discussions and demonstrations.

Sika is redefining its brand through progressive collaboration with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines and other industry partners worldwide. To cater directly to the local market, Sika will showcase its products and solutions at industry exhibitions, trade shows, and other on-ground events, including the UAP Conex in April and PICE NatCon in November. The company also maintains a beneficial relationship with its customers through the Sika Applicator Partners Club (APC), which offers exclusive perks, training access, and double earnings.

This year, Sika has planned several competitions, including the National Tiler Competition, which is the first-ever nationwide technical contest dedicated to recognizing the expertise of tilers. Additionally, Sika is conducting Finding 'Everyday Heroes,' a national search for the ultimate 'Everyday Heroes' in the fields of design, engineering, and construction, which extends to other Sika industry markets such as automotive, transportation, marine, energy, and manufacturing. Furthermore, Sika is launching a creative called 'Everyday Heroes' Music and Video Contest for professionals, firms, associations, and independent agencies to create and produce a modern song and visual material per the thematic campaign.

Sika has scheduled special events for the last quarter of the year, including the first-ever exclusive Sika World Expo. The expo will showcase Sika's innovation and quality products and solutions, along with a series of activations to raise awareness and bring the brand closer to its end-users. The announcement of the application and masonry competition and the music and video contest will coincide with the upcoming expo and can be anticipated in the first quarters of 2023.

The new campaign emphasizes Sika's position as a steadfast leader in the construction and industrial specialty chemicals industry in the Philippines. "We pride ourselves as a company that provide our core markets with strategic and effective route for innovative construction solutions to the Philippine market. We look forward to growing the brand through elevated awareness and build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships," said Christophe Lejeune, General Manager of Sika Philippines Inc.


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