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SmartViz Partners with the Bentley iTwin Platform

Having over 20 years of experience in the industry, SmartViz Ltd delivers digital twin solutions that boost the performance of buildings – and the experience, well-being and productivity of the people who use it. This allows property owners and real estate managers to receive real-time data on their assets. With its partnership with the Bentley iTwin platform, optimization of energy usage and other overhead costs will be much easier to track and improve.

Eliminating Operational Waste

As a Premier Partner of the iTwin Partner Program, SmartViz’s partnership means that the Bentley iTwin platform provides the essential building blocks of an online operational “twin” of the building, enabling SmartViz to add a cognitive layer that empowers property owners and managers with access to data and insights about how their building is used in real-time. As well as identifying where energy is being wasted, SmartViz allows predictive modelling, which enables building owners or managers to see how different scenarios, such as weather conditions or occupancy rates, would impact energy usage, allowing a much higher degree of control over costs.

This partnership allows for more comprehensive recording, analysis, and notification of various asset performances. It also includes advanced 3D visualizations, real-time data analytics, predictive day-in-the-life simulation and planning and much more.

“The majority of buildings over 1000 square meters in the UK were built in an era when energy consumption was not a major concern,” said Dr. Shrikant Sharma, founder and CEO of SmartViz. “But with the Government’s net zero strategy demanding decisive action from businesses, and the current fuel crisis impacting every supply chain, the need to optimize how we use energy in our commercial, educational and retail spaces has become a key issue. The data and insights SmartViz provides make that possible.”

Dr. Sharma adds that, “Our partnership with Bentley Systems and the Bentley Powered by iTwin program is a big boost to the SmartViz mission to tackle the core challenges of space efficiency, net zero compliance, and user experience. The Bentley iTwin platform is instrumental in helping us achieve this for our customers.”

Optimizing Spaces Beyond Energy Usage

Besides the financial losses due to energy wastage, poor space is also a burden for business owners that affect the entirety of their operation. Lack of space leads to loss of productivity while also affecting the well-being of its users. This is why SmartyViz is set to utilize data and insights from SmartViz to provide better planning and optimization of commercial and public infrastructures.

The addition of SmartViz to Bentley’s iTwin Platform is a welcome one as it helps industries pull each other up from different fronts. Sheena Gaynes, Director of business development, iTwin platform, says that “We are delighted to have SmartViz add their SmartViz building performance platform to the Powered by iTwin program. In doing so, SmartViz joins a growing ecosystem of developers building digital twin solutions with the Bentley iTwin platform. The SmartViz platform is a great example of how digital twin technologies can be combined to help facilities managers and owner-operators harness the power of data to optimize building performance and user experience.”

For further information about SmartViz, please visit their website at or call Shrikant Sharma on +44-7900-56-58-48.

To learn more about the iTwin platform, please visit Bentley’s website at:


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