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SPARK’s Renovation of a Brutalist Apartment in Singapore

SPARK has successfully transformed a 132 sqm 3-bedroom apartment, located within a Brutalist tower, into a vibrant and light-filled living space that reflects the owners' boundless creativity. The once compartmentalized areas, connected by a dim corridor, have been artfully reimagined into an "enfilade" arrangement, featuring a sequence of open living spaces thoughtfully oriented towards the picturesque panoramic views.

The journey through the apartment is a delightful visual procession, as views are beautifully framed by colorful portals. The design utilizes layered color walls and strategically placed objects to create a captivating scenography that draws you seamlessly through the interconnected spaces. The interplay of light and shadow, brought about by venetian blinds, breathes life into the line, circle, and color block motifs, animating the entire living environment.

Bold and expressive color laminates have been thoughtfully employed to delineate functional areas, cleverly defining spaces like the kitchen and storage zones. The incorporation of sliding gallery walls allows for flexible patterns of domestic liveability, adapting to the owners' changing needs and preferences.

This stunning apartment not only reflects the owners' profound love for color and design but also serves as an inspiring canvas for their cherished art pieces and delightful furnishings. Every corner exudes brightness, becoming a testament to the harmonious fusion of artistic expression and comfortable living.

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