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The Argus Way of Resilient, Sensible, and Sustainable Architecture

The Founder

Founded by Architect Augusto D. Bolo Jr., Argus Architecture was developed in 2020 with the goal of promoting a culture-based and behavioral approach to Architecture. Ar. Don has been leading the team in designing a wide range of architectural projects within and outside the Bicol Region.

As the principal architect, he advocates the integration of architecture and sustainable strategies for resilient projects the company is working on.

Ar. Don is actively involved in advancing and supporting Architecture education in the Bicol region. Since 2015 he has been teaching Architectural Thesis, Design & Building Technology subjects at the same university he graduated from. Besides working with the educational system, he’s also committed to helping fellow professionals in the industry.

Ar. Don is an active delegate of Asian Architects in the Academe Assembly and has been directly participating in the United Architects of the Philippines – Camarines Chapter’s community service programs, as the current Chapter President for the fiscal year 2022-23.

The Mission

Crafted out of the communities’ demand, Argus Architecture was founded with an ultimate aim in mind: to be an avenue of resilient design and sensible architecture for all. The company’s fundamental design principle is to provide an architecture that gives importance to the connection between man, the natural landscape, and the built environment.

These in-depth parameters of conceptualization allow us to create a unique environment and tailor-fit projects for our client’s individual needs. This process is defined not by a preset formula or by a single style, but by a unifying goal catering to an affordable yet quality design, resilient, genteel, unconventional yet timeless, and most importantly, sustainable.

Argus Architecture is composed of a promising team of young, vigorous, and creative aspirants of the architecture profession, Argus Architecture is led by Architect Augusto Bolo Jr. as the principal architect.

The Projects

The firm offers high-quality professional architectural design and build services within the Bicol region and quite a number of national projects ranging from small domestic to multi-storey buildings. Some of their notable projects include the RDS Resort and Angat- Buhay Village Sagñay.

For a tropical island peninsula such as the Caramoan Islands, it’s a perfect opportunity to design tropical architecture that best suits its climate and geography. This is why the RDS Resort in Camarines Sur bagged primed real estate to host guests from all over the world.

Since it already has pre-existing buildings on the half-hectare location, the team built an extra three-storey building with a housing capacity of 40 extra rooms, a reception building that doubles as a convention center, and a pool area for guests not too privy about taking the long trek to the beach.

The beauty of the islands and beaches makes the visits of domestic and foreign tourists continue to increase every year. Incorporating the strong character of the islands, tourists can have a full experience of what the place can offer, from the context of the location as well as

accommodation that can be felt only in the Caramoan.

RDS Resort, Camarines Sur

Characterized by modern tropical architecture, the resort takes advantage of locally-sourced materials such as the ‘gajo’ plant designed as a sun-shading device in areas that are exposed to afternoon sun. The overall white & wood vibe of the resort adds up to the relaxing atmosphere of the beach resort.

With the success of Angat-Buhay Village - Lupi, Argus Architecture had the opportunity to work on another collaboration project of OVP VP Leni Robredo under the University of Nueva Caceres’ “Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership” and LGU- Sagñay. The fourth among the Angat-Buhay Housing Villages, the Angat-Buhay Village Sagñay is located in Bgy. Del Carmen Sagñay, Camarines Sur will cater to fifty local beneficiaries that are susceptible to typhoons and floods from Bgy. Nato, a seaside community.

Angat-Buhay Village Sagñay, Camarines Sur

The Future

In 2019, Ar. Don earned his certificate course in Community Architecture and Design in Urban Built Environment at the University of Santo Tomas, Graduate School. He is currently taking his Master’s of Architecture major in Tropical Design at the University of the Philippines – Diliman to further his cause of advocating for resilient housing in the locality.

Resiliency is a trait Filipinos have been known for, whether it’s hard times or hard climates. This is why Ar. Don uses his position in the academe, in organizations, and in his own firm to lead by example.



Argus Architecture

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