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The Seamless Interior and Exterior Excellence of JCCA Design Studio

"We always strive to design the house to elevate the user's living experience… two to provide the users the indoor-outdoor living experience that makes you love your home even more and create value.”

- Ar. Justin C. Chua

Heading into their fifth year, JCCA Design Studio is another testament to the tenacity and perseverance of young blood in the industry. JCCA Design Studio, headed by Ar. Justin C. Chua, specializes in Private House Designs meticulously designed by its namesake.

His experience of working with different projects across a spectrum of clientele allows him to dig deep into his tools as an architect and deliver designs that seamlessly blend interior and outdoor spaces. This level of hands-on treatment allows the clients to experience an excellent client-designer service built with quality and competence.

JCC Residence - Residential community with nurturing natural environment

Among its many iconic projects are the JCC residence and Balai Bakuran. The JCC residence is sited within a well-heeled residential community with nurturing natural environment. "It would be nice to come home that close to nature and feel like having a vacation in a resort every day." is the owner’s feeling that has been brought to the design concept.

JCCA creates a “Seamless Boundary” between indoor and outdoor to orchestrate light and environment, as a result, the house is infused with light and air, these features would enable the house space to look wider while bringing a sense of nature into the home.

The project is closely in tune with nature, as the JCC residence is covered by an overhanging roof, providing protection from rain and allowing natural ventilation to take its course. This makes its interiors belong in the natural setting of the country’s tropical climate. Its open living-dining-kitchen area is a great place for the kids to hang out, with its floor-to-ceiling glazing providing panoramic views at the comfort of the owner’s home.

This provides a resort vibe in the home without being too messy with the details. In fact, its simplicity through minimalist elements showcases how closely bonded the indoor and outdoor spaces are.

Its gardens are arranged across a massive front yard garden, taking advantage of the site’s topography. This allows all common areas and bedrooms to see an unobstructed view of the massive lawn, allowing the owners to oversee the beauty of their property while still providing privacy from the street-view level.

Balai Bakuran - A mixture of a Filipino Heritage motif set a mixture of a Filipino Heritage motif set

To continue their proficiency in melding indoor and outdoor spaces, the Balai Bakuran exemplifies this into a cohesive and efficient structure. “Balai Bakuran” – comes from the traditional Malay/Filipino word “Balai” that translates simply to a house or dwelling. Connecting it with “Bakuran” as the Filipino term for a yard, makes the project a perfect combination of interior and exterior excellence. It was inspired by setting the house on the rear side of the lot while having a large front yard landscape.

Taking into account the clients’ preference of outdoor surroundings, JCCA’s design approach was to create a structure that will be as open as possible to create a fluid and openness environment throughout the house.

The design concept and approach focused on the feel of “minimalism” and “openness.” This was achieved by providing a combination of wood, concrete and white paints to emphasize its airy vibe. But the structure alone isn’t the only thing that makes it iconic. The art of the house is a mixture of a Filipino Heritage motif set to complement a modern minimalist backdrop.

This project is a sight to behold, but it also makes it functional for the owner to immerse in the outdoors. It contains a bridgeway access from the stair landing on the 2nd floor to the master bedroom and provides a full front up view of the front landscape as well as the ground floor’s open plan.

It also contains bi-folding glass doors and sliding doors that can be opened without obstructions to the front garden area, this gives the owner the luxury of feeling connected between the indoors and the outdoor pool and landscapes. Besides adding greater visibility to the lawn, it also allows more natural cross-ventilation between indoor and outdoor spaces.



JCCA Design Studio

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