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Building a design and construction business in the ever-evolving world of architecture isn’t a journey to be taken lightly. But although GK Rustia is a fresh four-year-old in the industry, there’s no trace of rawness in any of their top-level projects. Every line is clean and precise, each corner seamless, and all the finished homes strikingly modern and elegant.

Two halves of a whole

The skilled work of GK Rustia isn’t surprising if you know the individuals behind the venture: Gino Rustia and Katherine Reyes, both seasoned professionals in the fast-paced and often cutthroat world of design and construction. Even in the beginning, when they were slaving over their drawings in a cramped family home with only a handful of employees, the pair was confident in their abilities to create unique and beautiful spaces.

The challenge was in the things that lie outside their realm of expertise, including piles of paperwork, dealing with bureaucracy, securing permits and licenses—all of these required from every business owner. “Even if we knew nothing about starting a company, we opted to do everything on our own,”

Reyes says. “We didn’t want to rely on an agency, we wanted to know every single step needed.”

Now, it’s plain to see that hard work and perseverance paid off. In those uncertain early days of GK Rustia, the two founders relied on their strong and balanced partnership as the foundation of the company. Luckily, Rustia and Reyes have a natural chemistry that translated smoothly from friendship into business.

The pair met working in the same Singapore company, eventually realizing that they shared the same dream of coming home to the Philippines and establishing an independent practice of their own. With Rustia specializing in construction and Reyes in design, it was clear that they are a perfect fit. Trained in the line of fire under Singapore’s up-tempo world of design and construction, the founders agreed to establish the same professional standards in GK Rustia as big-name firms. Maintaining fast-paced operations is especially important, Rustia shares, with the construction and design teams moving and coordinating together as early as the planning stages. “This way, the work is timely, and we can foresee possible problems ahead of time,” he explains. “The key is good planning.”

Together, Rustia and Reyes slowly built up an impressive roster of stunning residential and commercial works. And with each completed project, GK Rustia continues to master a modern aesthetic trademarked by sleek roof designs and eye-catching louvres in the façade.

GK Rustia founders Reyes and Rustia in their newly built Antipolo office in March 2020

A happy marriage with clients

Pristine lines, crisp hues, and artful use of light and space resonate with a wide variety of clientele. But for Rustia and Reyes, their signature style comes secondary to the client’s vision. The pair is committed to put this vision at the forefront, recognizing the enormity of being entrusted with building a family’s home or a business’ hard-earned commercial space.

“Our biggest priority is always the client,” Reyes says, pointing out that every individual has a different idea of beauty. “Our skills and talents serve the client’s vision, and so every project becomes a truly collaborative process.”

The group’s penchant for forging connections is a crucial element of operations. From the first meeting to house blessing, Rustia, Reyes, and the rest of the personnel work closely with their clients. As the team gets to know parties who will be living or working in the building—finding out the nature of their work, hobbies, and daily routine—GK Rustia becomes more equipped to build a space that’s not just beautiful but also functional. In a way, it is a marriage borne out of a common goal and strengthened by

respect, transparency, and open communication.

Sometimes, the client-company relationship paves the way for a genuine friendship. One of the firm’s first projects was a three-story SJDM Bulacan residence for a family based in the United States for

the entirety of the design and construction process.

It felt heaven-sent to the founders of GK Rustia who remember praying for an opportunity to establish themselves in the field. “They trusted the team even if we were very new,” Reyes recalls fondly. “(The owners) only came back after the house was finished, and we even helped them buy furniture. Up to now, we’re still in close contact with them; they’re such a wonderful family.”

Rustia and Reyes’ devotion to clients, along with their uncanny ability to instantly connect with a wide range of characters, is a large part of what draws so many people to them. And even beyond the clients, the devotion extends to other branches of the GK Rustia family.


Here, a sprawling GK Rustia residence that extends 1,500 square meters. This home exhibits the clean and precise style that GK Rustia is known for. Inspired by resort living, the residence features several indoor and outdoor living spaces. Filled with high ceilings and large open concept spaces, it is a family home fit for a luxury vacation. What’s a resort without a pool? A long swimming pool can be viewed from the entire stretch of the house.


Completed in February 2020, this 150-square-meter residence was built with a modern industrial design. The open plan concept suits a growing family with wide open spaces and high-quality materials that are built to last. Along with form and function, Rustia and Reyes ensured a home that makes the most of its charming provincial location.


Another 150 sqm residence by GK Rustia, this Colinas Verdes family home showcases the firm’s masterful use of space. The beauty is in the details—from the sleek façade to the elegant interiors, GK Rustia knows how to make a statement. A crisp, well-designed lighting system in the bathroom illuminates the space. A stunning fence and front gate showcase and complement the great design of the residence while keeping it secure.