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WORLDBEX 2023: The Legacy Continues

WORLDBEX has dedicated its 26 years of service to the nation with the commitment to promote innovations and a promise to sustainability movements. The foundation is built with trust among its partners who have been supporting the organization’s endeavors and advocacies.

The pillars were constructed with the vision of providing excellent exposition one after another. The columns are assembled by its core team and family members who certainly embody the values of the company with a commitment to corporate social responsibilities. And the light that surrounds the solid grounds continues to provide a silver lining that inspires, motivates and encourages young minds to dream big and pursue even higher.

But what does it mean to leave a legacy behind?

For WORLDBEX, it simply means leaving a stamp for the industry and contributing for the future generations. The impact that WORLDBEX has established for 26 years has set the benchmark in the country, making the organization one of the leading events and trade show companies in South East Asia.

The legacy that WORLDBEX continues to create in the building and design industry leaves a footprint among its partners and stakeholders as they all contributed to awakening a sleeping giant – the Philippines’ greatest potential in the building, design, and architecture industry.

While the country prepares to shift to the new normal and open our borders to tourists and business opportunities, WORLDBEX will continue to showcase sustainable innovations and provide a platform to withstand the momentum of economic potentials. Together in the industry,

WORLDBEX shall carve a niche to produce the potential source of building products, services and technologies in the Philippines and explore the local capacities of exportations.

Without any doubt, the work that WORLDBEX has done over the years became a testament that any visions are possible with the perfect formula of determination, courage, and resilience.

WORLDBEX 2023: Legacy Continues will be back bigger than ever on March 16-19, 2023 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila and SMX Convention Center Manila. WORLDBEX signature state-of-the-art structural design will welcome you to a space where creativity, passion and imagination can live on for future generations. WORLDBEX 2023 is organized by Worldbex Services International.

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