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WORLDBEX Lab Features The Latest Innovations in Construction, Building, and Design

In a competitive industry like construction and design, it is important to remain dynamic and innovative to be on top of the game. That's why WORLDBEX rewards some of the country’s ground-breaking innovations to date. These new technologies and products will be presented at the WORLDBEX Lab 2022!

From August 31 until September 3, you can visit the WORLDBEX Lab at SMX Convention Center Manila featuring various innovations shaped by different companies across the country and around the world.

WORLDBEX Lab is a specially designed gallery showcasing the ingenuity of the Philippines’ construction, building, and design industries. Carefully curated, WORLDBEX Lab features the crème de la crème of projects that will truly create a global impact in the market.

Showcasing at this year’s WORLDBEX Lab are the following:

1. VELUX’ Cabrio Balcony provides an open-air feeling with their window that provides a panoramic view of the environment and opens outwards. Cabrio Balcony innovates the idea of modern rooms by adding more space and providing the best indoor view.

2. Another innovation you can see at WORLDBEX Lab is Acrymed by Meganite, an antimicrobial acrylic solid surface material. This material protects the surface against deterioration, stains, and other bacterias.

3. Light up your world with Felix Lighting Fabric Lightbox Panel, a customized LED RGBW lightbox panel that would make any room colorful and fun for anyone.

4. Modern Bamboo’s Cladding and Flooring are made of 100% bamboo making it an eco-friendly, durable, and an aesthetically-pleasing product that’s perfect for any home.

5. Make water dispensing easier and safer with Oasis Kalix Contactless Water Dispenser. This dispenser is the only sensor activated dispenser in the country.

6. Boysen’s Bug Off is made of an innovative anti-insect paint that kills off insects by attacking their nervous system keeping you and your whole family safe from virus carrying mosquitoes.

7. Keep everyone safe as Firefly Smart Solutions Tilt Camera has both security and convenience in mind as it’s easy to install and control with just a WiFi connection.

8. Zemcoat’s Skimcoat is a water resistant skimcoat that prevents moisture, providing resistance to paint blistering.

9. Keep things going with EcoFlow’s Portable Power Station, a unique battery-powered generator that doesn’t produce any noise or fumes.

10. Durapipe by Atlanta is a durable, time-saving, and cost-effective pipe that outlasts its traditional counterparts.