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WORLDBEX Wired Seminars: Get Ready for the Future and Learn from the Experts in WORLDBEX Wired

WORLDBEX will be bringing you an online seminar featuring 17 industry experts from 7 countries on September 23 – 25, 2021. The speakers will be discussing different timely topics about the trends and best practices within the industries of construction, urban planning, interior design, and project management. Along with that, they will also talk about the Philippines infrastructure projects and the future of various industries.

Here are the highlights of each seminar topic:

● Urban Planning and Sustainability - September 23

Speakers and topics:

Arch. Felino A. Palafox, Jr. - Cities Of The Future: Urban Planning Architecture Real Estate

L. Arch./Enp. Paulo Alcazaren - Plazas In The Philippines Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow: Heritage And Contemporary Uses

Arch. Amado P. De Jesus, Jr. - Design Trends Of Residential Buildings During The Pandemic

From our history to the future of Philippine cities and towns, this seminar will have three different topics that will discuss the need for sustainable development and how to deal with the rise in the population that Philippine cities are facing and will be facing in the future.

● Architecture and Interior Design Practice Post-Pandemic - September 24

Speakers and topics:

Mr. Carmelito Tatlonghari, Mmp, Leed-ap - Integrated Design Process Real Estate

Arc. Jean-sebastien Bourdages - Beyond Sustainability Through Regenerative Design

Arch. Daniel Vicente Lichauco - In Search Of Modern Philippine Architecture: Exploration Of The Bahay Na Bato

Idr. Chat M. Fores - Interior Design For Outdoor Living: Innovations In Bringing The Indoors Outside

Idr. Isabelle Miaja - How To Develop Sustainable Resort Design

Mr. Eggarat Wongcharit - I’m Not A Virgin: The Upcoming Trend Of Future’s Fusive Material Use In Architectures, Interior And Design Objects

It is a question of how the architecture and interior design industry will adapt to the post-pandemic world. These topics from the six speakers will address that issue. With topics ranging from the evolution of Filipino architecture to sustainable and regenerative design.

● Project Management and Digital Transformation - September 25, 2021

Speakers and Topics:

Arch. Abelardo M. Tolentino, Jr. - A New Way To Work

Arch. Mustapha Kamal Zulkarnain - Redesigning A Post Pandemic Architectural Practice

Dato Ir. Dr. Dennis Ganendra - Effect Of Covid-19 On The Engineering Industry

Mr. Amos Cheong - Project Management Amidst Digital Transformation – Are We At The Tipping Point?

Mr. Ken Ho - Digital Transformation

Mr. Will Twomey & Mr. Eddy Soon - Impact Of Covid-19 On Engineering

Arch. Nutthawut Piriyaprakob - Local Creation In Contrast Of The Digital World

Discussing the topics of the digitalization of the workspace for the architecture and engineering industry. As a way to adapt with the pandemic, different sectors have moved to a digital workspace, the speakers will discuss how to handle the unique challenges that come with this workspace.

These topics answer the question of today’s demands of a different style of project management and the need for sustainable design that can last for generations. For architects, engineers, and interior designers, the topics here can help them prepare for the future and adjust to the challenges they will encounter.

For those who are interested, you can sign up here:

For more information contact WORLDBEX International at +63 9654455766/ +63 9955292039 or email at





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