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Design with Purpose Featuring MKMV Interior Design Studio and AK Designs Group

Different clients will request different things, depending on their business, customer demographic, and several other determinants. While it’s great to specialize one’s skills with a niche as an interior designer, it’s also vital to have a strong foundation when facing any project.

This is why head interior designer and creative director IDr. Mary Kathlyn Maala-Villapando always strives to design with purpose.

IDr. Kathlyn initially envisioned a career rooted in a fine arts course, but she was convinced by her uncle to pursue a profession beyond art.” My uncle, who was an engineer, told me that having a licensed degree can be more interesting.” IDr. Kathlyn adds, “When I started working on projects, I realized that I was doing a fulfilling task; that I was creating and designing with a purpose.”

IDr. Kathlyn’s partnership with Multimedia Visual Graphic Artist Ms. Reggie Tañada completes the conceptual and structural angles that burgeoning entrepreneurship needs to stand out against competitors.

These two inspiring Designers showcase individual empowerment that comes together with one vision and goal: To create good interior designs that improve a space by making it better suited to its purpose.

MKMV Interior Design Studio has over 20 years of providing exceptional visual designs and residential and commercial modeling across various projects. In just two to three years, the firm entered into a strong partnership with AK Designs Group, expanding offers to include turnkey solutions that oversee overall project planning, construction management, branding, and signage services.

IDr. Kathlyn notes that “There is a lot of stress with problems coming from handling construction. But those challenges make me better and help me become more committed to the job.” Catering to clients from different industries can be a challenge as every sector has its own set of prerequisites. Nevertheless, the teams of MKMV Interior Design Studio and AK Designs Group have found a solid methodology under the collaboration between IDr. Kathlyn and Ms. Reggie Tañada.

Fora Your Workspace Cafe

One of the first co-working spaces in Daang Hari Road in Bacoor, Cavite, Fora Your Workspace cafe allows customers to work their freelance jobs, set up a virtual office, or host office meetings complete with full access to high-speed internet, projectors for presentations, and quality sound Systems.

Besides allowing self-employed individuals to find the right ambiance to stay motivated, the cafe also offers tasty brews and healthy food. Since it’s open for franchising, the Cavite branch is presented as the first of many co-working solutions for modern freelancers.

IDr. Kathlyn had to follow the strictness of dealing with technical restrictions and aesthetic decisions for interior spaces. “Working with clients in the commercial and retail industry is totally different; they are more strict with rules and regulations that must be followed. For instance, reading technical drawings is a priority and it pays to learn about the business and what it offers.” says IDr. Kathlyn.

Paw Pal Cafe

Besides delivering structural designs, the two partner firms are also well adept at producing conceptual designs. This is how IDr. Kathlyn and her team handled the branding and signage design for this new burgeoning brand.

Situated in Mckinley Hill in BGC, this Japanese-brand cafe is a collaboration with licensed Barista Carlo Villapando, husband, and business partner to IDr. Kathlyn. His unique skill set lets him concoct specialized food and drinks for pet lovers celebrating special occasions.

Addressing a niche market is a great way to position yourself away from oversaturated sectors. For this reason, Paw Pal Cafe is in the best position to cater to pet lovers that want to spend more quality time with their furry friends.

Periveo Model Houses Project

The value of investing in a quality Interior designer is all about getting what you pay for. MKMV Interior Design Studio’s turnkey solutions provide a degree of sophistication in any residential unit, allowing for greater ROI for rentals as a future investment. This is why the Periveo Model Houses are a cut above other products in the residential space market.

“Looking back, working with commercial projects challenged me a lot and became an inspiration to work hard because you need to show that being an Interior designer is not only about making the interior space aesthetically beautiful. It should also reflect the personality of who will use the space.” – IDr. Mary Kathlyn Maala - Villapando

When overseeing condominium projects, IDr. Kathlyn looks at the two distinct kinds of clients. “There are owners of a condo unit who want to live in it, whether they’re bachelors, couples or families, and those who want to invest and rent it out. “ says IDr. Kathlyn.

“The first thing an Interior designer will do is visit the space they’re styling to get a sense of its dimensions.” IDr. Kathlyn adds, “Knowing the overall size and where doors and windows are located is essential to a seamless design. Space filled with furniture is known as positive space, while empty spaces are known as negative spaces.” By striking a balance between positive and negative spaces, IDr. Kathlyn ensures that the indoor spaces she designs can feel more inviting to its users.

Opportunities in the commercial sector can have different peaks. Over the years, we’ve seen a greater interest back into the development of residential buildings, the rise of coffee shops, and even the accessibility of co-working spaces. IDr. Kathlyn looks at her firm’s long career and sees how engaging in different niches helps her develop a keen eye and strong mindset to face these projects head-on.




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