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Discover the Exquisite Spaces and Meticulous Precision of ArchForte Architectural Design Studio

Established in 2017, ArchForte Architectural Design Studio specializes in developing architectural and interior design solutions for its clients. Its strength in handling high-end residential projects and working with well-established commercial brands shows its strict attention to detail and structural functionality. This can be seen in how the studio oversaw the L Residence, R Residence, and Shell Mamplasan New Commercial Complex projects.

Ar. Maria Belinda Francisco

After graduating with a degree in BS Architecture in 2009 from the Technological University of the Philippines, Ar. Maria Belinda Francisco has over eleven years of diverse experience in various industrial designs and interior fit- outs. This includes being a senior lead designer in several international brands such as P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, T.G.I. Friday’s, and California Pizza Kitchen to name a few.

Together with her co-founder, principal Ar. Marc Francisco, their combined experience of handling residential projects, com mercial establishments, and healthcare industry clients gives them a formidable portfolio.

For some professionals in the field, success in architecture can start from the raw appreciation of how architecture leaves a mark in history. My interest in this field actually started in my History classes in High school--think ancient Egyptian architecture and the famous structures around the world.” Ar. Mabel adds, “I didn’t know anyone from this profession then, not even from family members. I remember reading then, that Architecture is the art and science of building and designing structures. That was enough to lead me on this path where I am now.”

Looking back, Ar. Mabel feels blessed to have followed her interest and turned it into a career path. This eventually led her to develop ArchForte Architectural Design Studio.

Shell Mamplasan New Commercial Complex

The Shell Mamplasan along the South Luzon Expressway features a design shift to more eco-friendly priorities. It’s the second Shell mobility site to cater to motorists that require renewable energy for Electric Vehicles (EVs). To accommodate Shell’s more green branding, ArchForte’s team applied an eco-friendly treatment while maintaining its modern and organic aesthetic.

Since the complex is a pitstop along an expressway, it was vital for ArchForte to balance the amount of retail space alloted while also maximizing parking slots. Juggling these requirements was a tough feat to follow, especially when they also had to add eco-friendly elements. Siting at 1,500 sq. meters, the complex houses over seven retail spaces. To complement its vertical gardens, the roof of the complex is designed to resemble trunks and branches.

"I hope there will be more initiatives in the future to educate and inform young women (and young men too of course!) about this field. This profession is not always as rewarding, but for me is the most fulfilling, especially if you have the passion for it.”

- Ar. Maria Belinda Francisco

L Residence

With a spacious 350 sq. meters as its lot area and 402 sq. meters for its floor area, this 2-storey building will house a whopping eight rooms optimized by its modern and practical look. The Louver House in the North will feature passive lighting and ventilation to provide accents to its exteriors. Functionally, its vertical slats and window placements limit sunlight exposure while providing ample light and ventilation.

The theme for this design is all about leaving an eco-friendly impression. Its design allows for ample exploration of sustainable concepts mixed with its modern motif. Besides its accommodations for natural lighting, the house will also contain storm drain irrigation for landscape utility and more natural drainage.

R Residence

Commissioned by a young couple looking to build their dream house, the R Residence in Tagaytay is made prominently with glass materials. Ar. Mabel notes that “Its big glass windows are the focal points of this house; we made sure, however, that there are still operable parts of it for natural ventilation. Since this is located in chilly Tagaytay, we also provided natural ventilation all throughout the structure.”

Ar. Mabel’s journey in being her own boss shares light on how the architecture industry is a lot about showing what you’re worth. “It’s empowering, in a sense that clients and colleagues don’t even look at your gender but at what you have to offer in fulfillment of projects. Just give your creative output, show up, and do the work. That’s pretty much all you need, and as in all professions, you also need grit.” Says Ar. Mabel. Besides proving her own track record, she’s shown that fostering the right spaces can lead to allowing those with the passion for the work to grow and develop.

“In fact, I am hopeful about the growing women talent in the industry. In our own company, our staff is composed mainly of female architects. They are very capable of doing the creative and technical construction works side by side, and very organized too! I hope more and more upcoming generations of young women will find an interest in Architecture as well and break norms."

For more information about ArchForte Architectural Design Studio:

Address: Unit 503 5th Flr. The Two Seven Residences, San Rafael St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Contact #: (02) 87765082 | 0917 844 2837


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