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Embracing Creative Challenges & Defying Status Quo with Iztilo Interiors

Creative challenges must be addressed by creative solutions. It’s a methodology that can apply to anything, from overcoming a project’s limitations to breaking through a generational status quo. This is proven by the achievements of Iztilo Architect’s Studio Head Designer.

Iztilo Interiors designs residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors, with the goal in each project to design creative and functional intelligent spaces. This is done by accounting for space planning, technical aspects, and, most importantly, the client’s personality.

Iztilo Interior’s Studio Head Designer, Arch. IDr. Isabelle Monique Zuñiga-Ong Sitco, is both a licensed Architect and Interior Designer. The love of architecture has always been in Ar. IDr. Isabelle‘s blood.

Growing up, she had dreams of becoming an architect like her father. However, studying architecture wasn’t the only thing in her sight before she became a professional. She graduated from the University of Santo Tomas Bachelor of Science Major in Architecture (2012) and graduated from the Philippine School of Interior Design (2016).

After passing the board exam for both disciplines, she now stands as a double licensed design professional in the field of both Architecture and Interior Design to give her an edge in spearheading Iztilo Interiors’ projects. This complementary knowledge in both fields is present in how she handled these three notable projects.

A. Boni Residence

The compact space of the 40.81 sq. m may not seem like a lot, but the challenges of this small residential space have its fair share of challenges. The client wanted their home to have a luxurious feel despite its small space with a priority on luxurious elements featuring gold accented accessories and finishes.

However, the project was received while the site was in its finishing phase, limiting the team to finish it in just a few weeks. Though it was a fast-paced project but the design was well executed, even with custom-fit furniture added to it. This had to apply to the living room, dining room, and kitchen. “Since it was all one open space, the design must be well thought of to zone out each space at the same time make all of it look cohesive.” Ar. IDr. Isabelle says.

"I have the utmost respect for all my fellow architects and colleagues, and it resonates with every individual in this industry. It’s very humbling to be part of this feature and I hope to inspire more women to pursue this very challenging yet fulfilling field.”

- Ar. IDr. Isabelle Monique Zuñiga-Ong Sitco

Pixel Residences Interiors

This Pixel Residences unit is a 39 sq. m studio condominium unit with one bathroom and balcony. Since it’s an unconventional unit with a balcony included, there’s plenty of space to zone out into sections using different materials and textures.

To accomplish this project, Iztilo Interiors had to curate a hotel chic interior as the chosen design for the home. This meant ending up with thoughtful touches of a design-driven luxurious feel.

“A hotel is a home away from home except it’s more luxurious. The large open bedroom and stunning bathrooms are the highlights of every hotel room. For this reason, the space was designed with these top qualities, added a few more home design solutions and was able to achieve a home inspired with hotel features and ambiance.” says Ar. IDr. Isabelle

“We implement modern tropical architecture by combining contrasting earth colors and natural materials and elements with large windows and openings to have views of surroundings and landscapes."

Kamuning Residence

With just under 60 sq. m to house its 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, Ar. IDr. Isabelle had to get creative with implementing a more spacious vibe to the home. By implementing minimalist interior design principles, Iztilo Interiors optimized simple décor, bare spaces, streamlined furnishings, and clean lines as the highlight of each room.

Creative challenges often lead to creative solutions. One key obstacle Iztilo Interiors had to overcome was the low ceiling height. To work around this issue, Ar. IDr. Isabelle went for a minimalist design to make the perceived ceiling height taller than it actually was.

With a frontage has only 4 meters, the interior design gave way to a very spacious residence. Ar. IDr. Isabelle achieves this by combining a neutral palette with accent colors to make a comfortable, relaxing, and very beautiful home to live in.

The status quo in the architecture and design industry as being male-dominated is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Ar. IDr. Isabelle notes that when she was in college, it was still a male-dominated course housing only a handful of female students.

Nowadays, even her sister-in-law affirms that there are much more female students taking up architecture in college. This doesn’t just extend to future professionals but also to the current pool of industry leaders.



Iztilo Interiors

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