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Manila Central University Teams Up With PALAFOX For Its Renovation’s Conceptual Master Plan

MCU has no intention of slowing down even after more than a century of teaching young people. In actuality, everything is prepared for the future. The university is undergoing extensive refurbishment and exciting contemporary enhancements to its infrastructure and equipment.

The university is greeting the next generation of students by developing a new conceptual master design for the institution's overall look, championing the school's rich tradition, and taking its lead from the university's beautiful green surroundings and expansive grounds.

It will also incorporate sleek, contemporary components for a visually stimulating encounter and an engaging relationship with those visiting the school grounds.

The new design, created in collaboration with the highly reputable architecture firm Palafox, reflects the essence of the university experience, a stage of youth when life is just getting started, and there are a million options in front of you.

"The university has been embracing nature for years. We are tucked in charming hectares of land, surrounded by around 499 trees. So, now, with this new aesthetic, we've woven this aspect into the university's overall design, while, at the same time, providing wide breathing spaces that's both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for safety in the new normal that are living in right now," explains VP for Planning and External Affairs Dr. Renato C. Tanchoco.

The MCU x Palafox team put forth a lot of effort to create a stunning environment where learners can hang out, engage, create memories, and, most importantly, realize their aspirations.

MCU has been fostering and educating young minds for nearly 118 years, generating illustrious and successful alums and boasting a continuously high employment rate of 76%. MCU is indeed backed by a century of expertise and legacy.

In addition to offering the first BS Pharmacy program in the Philippines to be managed by Filipinos, it has broadened its focus to include Business Administration and Information Technology.

In addition to offering the first BS Pharmacy program in the Philippines to be managed by Filipinos, it has broadened its focus to include Business Administration and Information Technology. MCU also provides preschool, Primary, and Secondary education with a PAASCU Accreditation Level II.

Embracing Student Life

At the core of holistic learning are a fulfilling student experience of extracurricular activities, modernized facilities, top-notch lecturers, and the actual study environment.

"The conceptual master plan was developed to embody MCU as a center of educational excellence, integrating academic, healthcare, and wellness in its design. It's no secret that when the eye sees something beautiful, it is inspired. When you're amidst a setting that's such, you're stimulated to create, learn, and take it all in. With a smart, historically-rich, and sustainable campus like MCU incorporating natural greenery into expansive school grounds, it was easy to implement our design principle of "integral ecology". This is balancing social equity with protecting and conserving natural environments, inclusive economic growth, culture, history, and interfaith spirituality," expounds Principal Architect Felino "Jun" Palafox Jr. FUAP, APEC Architect, Urban Planner, Environmental Planner

While the entire development plan is predicted to take around 20 years to complete, the new facade design is anticipated to be finished before SY 2023–2024. MCU promises its students that the refurbishment won't disrupt or interfere with the ongoing in-person classes and activities.

To ensure more exceptional learning experiences and continuity and to encourage learning mastery, MCU has chosen a variety of learning modalities, such as hi-flex or hybrid alternatives.

To generate well-rounded students worldwide, the school continues to implement and raise its educational standards across its many courses.

Manila Central University Courses:

  • BS Biology

  • BS Psychology

  • BS Information Technology

  • BS Computer Science

  • BS Pharmacy

  • BS Business Administration

*Major in Marketing Management

*Major in Operations Management

  • BS Accountancy

  • BS Nursing

  • BS Physical Therapy

  • BS Medical Technology

  • BS Secondary Education Major in English

  • Basic Education

  • Graduate Education & Life Long Learning Center

  • Doctor of Medicine

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine

  • Doctor of Optometry

About Palafox Associates

Palafox Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm founded by multi-awarded and well-acclaimed Architect and Urban Planner, Felino “Jun” A. Palafox, Jr. on July 1, 1989. It consists of more than a hundred full-time staff of architects, urban planners, environmental planners, interior designers, engineers, consultants, and other professionals. Among Palafox Associates’ many works are the Corregidor Comprehensive Tourism Master Plan, La Mesa Ecopark, and Zamboanga City Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

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