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Systems and Sincerity for Better Bridges: How SUPC fulfills projects from concept to completion

The architecture and construction industry has always been a numbers game. Anything that deals with the value of strict measurements is sure to be a place that demands great attention to detail. However, there’s a lot that happens out and beyond a project site. SUPC’s President, Mr. Jovan Coloma understands that the business of fulfilling projects from concept to completion takes a lot of taking and giving between contractors and developers. This is why He oversees a clean, and systematic process to develop buildings that sell.

Moal Boal Resort (Architect/Designer: SUPC Design Team)

Starting with Sincerity in Client Management

Although Mr. Jovan has always had an interest in the architecture and construction industry, he chose to pursue a different path contrasting his other siblings. Instead of going the traditional route of taking a course in Architecture or Engineering, he took up Business Administration with the view that it can cover more ground in his career when facing any type of management role, regardless of the industry.

This also reflected his beliefs when handling business: prioritizing Client Management, through creativity, innovation, persistence, and hard work in the field.

Although he originally started working with Coloma Builders in 2008 with his siblings, Mr. Jovan took a big risk and built his own firm, which would be known as MJD Design and Build. This change in trajectory came as a challenge to try his hand at multi-million high-end residential projects. Mr. Jovan states that “It’s not easy in South Luzon to enter into high-end construction service, since there are so many players competing. It was difficult to come in as a graduate of Business Administration instead of being an architect or engineer.”

Although his difference in traditional credentials might initially seem like a disadvantage, he later realized the strong value of honesty and sincerity when building strong client relations. What he noticed was that his target demographic does not really look at the technical matters first when hiring a firm. “These clients can feel how capable you are with how comfortable they are with you. With how sincere you are with what you’re promising.” Mr. Jovan notes.

Finding Solutions to Community Problems

Mr. Jovan’s handling of MJD Design and Build allowed him to find a wide range of clients by staying true to his word and managing expectations. But like many architectural and engineering firms in 2020, he was not prepared for the global pandemic’s arrival. Not knowing when it would be safe again to continue work on projects, he brainstormed with his team to supplement a societal response during the healthcare crisis.

Using the tools and resources presented to them, they were able to develop something that would have a positive impact on the community nationwide during the crisis. It would take another transformation during the pandemic for MJD Design and Build to be renamed SUPC (Sanisafe Utility Projects Construction) Design and Build.

This notes that this rebranding initiative was “inspired during pandemic times when the construction business was greatly impacted. It simply stands for Sanitation and Safety – SANISAFE.”

Taking inspiration from similar models, the newly rebranded SUPC team brainstormed the development of disinfection chambers that only used water as a base without requiring heavy chemicals. The Sanisafe Full Body Disinfection Machine is an invention that was officially patented and recognized by the DOST - TAPI (Technology Application and Promotion Institute) and received certification from the National Library of the Philippines. This is just one example of how SUPC supplied a need present in its industry rooted in systems management.

Moal Boal Condominium Residences (Architect/Designer: IAP Architectural Services)

Lapu Lapu Condominium (Architect/Designer: JBT +Design)

Going Above and Beyond Building Houses

Though SUPC Design and Build initially catered to house builds, life had other plans for the firm. “After the pandemic, what we got were developers for subdivisions instead. This is when our team at SUPC noticed an alarming trend in their clients.“ Mr. Jovan added, “There are so many developers that haven’t properly aligned their business plans.”

Half-finished projects, absent contractors, and lawsuits from either party are problems no one wants to experience. To pre-empt these concerns with the right mindset, Mr. Jovan knew he had to look at things from a different perspective.

When the SUPC team was expanding the firm’s main demographic, they realized that local developers were surprised at the lack of prerequisites they needed to have when they should already be selling. Regarding this, Mr. Jovan states that “A lot of developers close, and a lot of subdivisions and vertical projects end up being incomplete. This is because many developers start projects without knowing where to get where they want to be.”

Maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI) is a standard goal for any business, but it comes at the price of cost-cutting various aspects of the operation. While it’s vital to optimize for profit, these adjustments must be made delicately with the right foresight and reliable figures to work on. Mr. Jovan notes that “The number one problem of the developer is funding, next comes the technical aspects. Any other firm can handle the latter, but we are good at providing assessments and solutions to fix their primary concern.”

Through this method of systems management, SUPC can go above and beyond the service of simply providing structural output.

Creating Profitable Investments

“How we stand out against other firms is that we don’t just offer a traditional contractor’s service. We can also provide a premium service: to provide all the steps of design and build from concept to completion, assess the company’s business plan, and evaluate their financial capital generation streams.” Mr. Jovan adds, “We’re no longer an ordinary contracting business, SUPC offers everything above and beyond project management consultancy on the entire business model. We saw that clients needed solutions on securing funds and financials, from applying loans to connecting with sponsors.” To meet this goal, SUPC provides all-around management such as Clients Engagement for Government and Corporate Projects, partnerships with developers, and more.

By giving premium service assistance to the business side of things, SUPC has successfully designed a roadmap for multi-billion projects in developing a wide range of profitable investments. This includes several projects such as the Daanbantayan and Moalboal Beach Resort Condominiums in Cebu and High-End Subdivision and Condominiums in Puerto Princesa and El-Nido.

These are not just structural marvels of mid-range to upscale dwellings, they are also marketed as premium residential choices for tourists and locals alike.

The SUPC team is also adept at implementing environmentally friendly features to their projects, as can be seen with their upcoming Residence Tower project strategically located in Canjulao, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. To achieve its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the tower's design includes large windows to accommodate natural light, maximize natural ventilation, and reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. The tower also incorporates green spaces, including rooftop gardens, to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve air quality.

Mr. Jovan considers the success of these projects as a two-way street with SUPC’s partners, developers, and funders. Mr. Jovan states that ”It’s not just a relationship where we take something from a client, but also that we’re helping each other in the long- term. You shouldn’t just take something from your clients, you should be skilled, creative, innovative, and persistent enough to help them achieve their goals.”

Following SUPC’s growth over the years, Mr. Jovan sees great potential for its service to be accessible to sites in Southern and Northern Luzon, Palawan, Cebu, Davao, and Nationwide.

Bridging Solutions to Build Better Partnerships

It’s a great time to put a stake in the country’s real estate, which is why business is booming in all aspects of the economy. The more real estate investments thrive, the greater opportunities for sectors like hospitality and mixed-use development to reach higher profit margins. That’s why Mr. Jovan believes it’s vital to have a thorough pre-planning stage to ensure profit for everyone involved.

“Understand the client and how you can help them. If you have a broader understanding of the business side of things, you’ll see where things should start and end.”

SUPC provides all-around management such as Clients Engagement for Government and Corporate Projects, partnerships with developers, and more.



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