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RACHO Architects’ Progressive Solution For Modern Innovations

The Background

Established in 1999, Racho Architects has extensive experience in handling private residences, hotels, pension houses, condominiums, apartments, school buildings, and commercial buildings. As the Principal Architect and CEO, Ar. Jensen M. Racho leads his firm through a participatory process in addressing client needs and goals.

“We aim to design homes in collaboration with the clients’ needs and wants. Following a participatory design process will create a more personalized space organization and generation of volume as well. This will result in a more personalized interior, careful selection of materials, textures, colors, and customized design elements, fixtures, and furnitures."

This allows them to provide architectural solutions that utilize modern innovations that develop progressive homes and buildings that make clients comfortable while protecting the environment.

The Projects: Capitol Site Town Centre Project

An example of their progressive approach is applied to the Capitol Site Town Centre Project. To be constructed in November, the plans for the project will cater to various small to medium offices, financial districts, and medical offices. With a lot area of 5,000 sq. meters, this will be developed into five phases of progressive development.

For starters, the floor area of the first building will be about 1,800 sq. meters with two-floor levels. It will utilize concrete, steel, glass, and wood to form the design elements of solid and voids. Horizontal steel frames and projected aluminum cladding canopies will be used to emphasize each unit of the building.

Its use of earth colors and basic materials shades enhance the façade that looks attractive and eye-catching to the viewers. Most importantly, the facilities will be designed to be PWD-friendly structures by providing amenities for them such as accessible toilets, washrooms, parking slots, and ramps with wide sidewalks.

Other than commercial spaces, Racho Architects is also capable of making a more personal touch to residential projects.

The Projects: Cebu Residence I

The Cebu Residence I project is designed as a dream home for a young couple in Cebu City. It is to be constructed in a 2,000 sq. meter lot with a 180-degree view of the city, with the newly completed CCLEX in sight.

It has full access to the swimming pool with a sunken bar and the garden that completes the fantastic vista of the city. Since this is a six multi-level house, the firm will be using an elevator to easily access the different levels. There are three zones in this house, the upper, middle, and lower zones. These zones comprise a total floor area of more than 3,500 sq. meters.

This house is inspired by the Filipino modern design home which uses light and earth colors with an accent of natural stones and matt finish materials. Additionally, rainwater harvesting and recycling of water will be considered in the design so that it minimizes the disposal of waste and surface water. Recycled water will be used for cleaning hardscape and watering softscape such as the greeneries.

To make the design adaptable to its surrounding environment, the firm carefully studied the sloping site that will have a minimal impact on grading since this is considered a house on a hill. More than 70% of the lot will be preserved to its original grade, thus 2/3 of the floor area will be set on natural ground.

Balconies at the rear part of the house were carefully arranged so that it can give shadows at the sunrise aside from the unobstructed views. These balconies break the verticality of the structure; thus, it projects balance and proportion to the house.

"Culture and place are the two important factors in our design process as these design factors will greatly influence the form, finishes and type of structure that we will be creating. This is why we intend our design to naturally blend with other existing buildings, traditions, and the surroundings as well.” - Ar. Jensen

Indeed, this is a Dream House on a hill.

The Achievements

Besides his involvement in his own firm Ar. Jensen has undergone extensive training to be a licensed Architect, Civil Engineer, Environmental Planner, Reg. Master Plumber, Materials Engineer, and a Realtor.

His wide expertise in various disciplines would allow him to handle a wide range of projects, giving recognition to his proficiency as a multi-disciplinary specialist. In 2018, he was awarded the Outstanding Young Carolinian by the University of San Carlos.

In 2015, he was also awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Cebuano and at the same time, he was also awarded as the Best District Director of Area C by the United Architects of the Philippines.

Maintaining a dialogue on a project’s culture and surroundings goes beyond the client's perceived needs. This is why Racho Architects go beyond by being precise and meticulous about their design and material choices.

For more information about RACHO Architects, you may find them here:

Address: H. Cortes St. Mandaue City

Telephone: (032) 421 3143

Mobile: 0928 900 6885



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