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The iARki Design Studio: Where Heart and Precision Meet in Design

The Beginnings

Headed by principal architect, Ar. Ria Angelica Fondevilla-Delos Santos, iARki Design Studio started in 2017. Its team is built with over 12 years of experience through various specializations in different established architectural companies in the Philippines.

Like any small enterprise, business started from projects with relatives and friends, until their commendable service became known to their client’s greater social circles.

The iARki Design Studio team puts their heart into their work, making their clients feel valued as their inputs are taken into consideration every step of the way. As the representatives on-site during construction, it’s their goal to be strict and precise in achieving the agreed-upon design with their clients.

To this day, iARki is still continuing to serve by exemplifying trust and determination to help their partners achieve their dreams from the ground up.

The Projects

Two of their notable projects include the DC House in Malolos, Bulacan, and the R House in Guiguinto, Bulacan.

Surprise features of DC House (Malolos, Bulacan)

The DC House, stands at two storeys tall, with a house area of 173 sq. m and a lot area of 162 sq. m. Even with its limited space, it houses four bedrooms with ample floor room for each. It also contains a guest house with a pool, which makes it a more premium dwelling than typical residential projects.

The client presented their own floor plan sketch as the foundation of the design. While the iARki team made practical and aesthetic revisions and recommendations to their initial draft, they ensured that the spaces and activity flow remained on their design proposal without compromising the general standard of a good architectural plan & design.

Since it was commissioned during the height of the pandemic, it was important for them to be transparent with their clients in tempering expectations and balancing creative and practical demands.

Ar. Ria collaborated with Ar. Alenor on the exterior by playing with dark stone and wood finishes. This design choice made the house stand out and complement its other building materials.

They made sure additions to these core elements would be practical and efficient, as they opted for a wood grain finish fiber cement board instead of real wood to achieve the look without the consequences of rigorous maintenance work on the building to keep its fresh visage.

"We have this design standard where we always educate our clients before any project. If the client’s budget does not meet with their vision, then we choose to not push through with the project. This is why it’s vital for us to be in mutual agreement without compromising each other’s needs at the very beginning." (Ar. Ria Angelica Fondevilla-Delos Santos)

The interiors were built with invisible doors for set rooms, making the space more private and discreet from common areas like living and dining rooms. This surprise feature is something of a calling card that iARki’s clients love to showcase to their peers.

Balance & Harmony of R House (Guiguinto, Bulacan)

With a different demand and approach with the R House, the iARki team had to work around a renovation and addition. This made it challenging to go over non-negotiables as the client wanted to retain some walls or divisions from the original house.

Due to the project’s nature, it would be necessary to have extensive consultations with a Civil Engineer to see which areas can be treated or retained.

The R House has a total lot area of 474 sq. m., with a house area of 332 sq. m. Its exterior has a multi-level height to take advantage of the original house’s broad facade. This allowed the iARki team to create visual balance with the high ceiling and utilize natural light to tie in the ground and second floor areas of the house.

With architecture and design as a creative endeavor, it can be difficult to ground oneself to the various limitations of making a blueprint into a reality. Besides considering the lot area’s boundaries, there’s also the issue of marrying the budget limits, design preferences, and practical allocation of specific rooms and house systems.

This is why iARki’s team needs to be efficient and sensible to provide mutual harmony not just with their clients but also with their business partners.

“We make sure that everything is clear to our clients, especially the changes that may happen. At the end of the day it’s not how perfect the flow of the project is but how satisfied and happy our clients are with their completed house where they can finally enjoy all their hard work."

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